Punching Out and Moving on? And Chad Jackson, Out.

So the story changes slightly. I know it’s after the fact, but when I heard Dillon was asking for his release, I wondered why if his intention was to retire? So it sounds like he just wants to go to another team. That’s okay to me, because he deserves it. Interesting how a day after the initial story was released, it’s now clarified that Dillon wants to play elsewhere… Oh well.

Chad Jackson tore his ACL in the game against the Colts and will most likely miss all of next season. Depth at WR was already very thin, and now it’s much worse. Next week begins free agency, and begins the Patriots rebuilding process. We’ll have to see what moves they will make.


5 Responses to Punching Out and Moving on? And Chad Jackson, Out.

  1. Shecky says:

    Where’d you come up with Chad Jackson missing all of next year?

  2. WHAT? says:

    What are you talking about? Chad Jackson isn’t done for the season. Where’d you hear that? Give me a reputable source and I’ll believe that. Otherwise, thats total BS

  3. SMD says:

    Whether they pup him or IR him, all kind of irreleveant.

    He is a rookie who never really got on the playing field, never got to work with Brady for any length of time… even if he returns mid-season he is going to be next to useless, its not like he is a 3 or 4 year vet that was already used to the system, and used to playing with Brady.

    Next year is a wash-out, hope he actually is healthy and does something in year 3.

  4. SMD says:

    To explain that further, just so its clear.

    Jackson will AGAIN miss all of TC.

    Jackson will AGAIN miss all of PS.

    Jackson will be OUT for no less than the first 6 games.

    IF Jackson does return, he will be further behind, and less useful to the team than he was last year… whether he ever puts on a uniform or not next season is irrelevant… he isn’t going to do anything for the team… here’s hopin he does something in 2008.

  5. Rick says:

    Chad Jackson’s injury is a huge issue for the team. Being that he would have had a full season under his belt in the system. But as with the Pats we don’t know if it is a complete tear or partial. We will never know btw. But I think he will be around the team and the offseason program so that will be a plus. We will probably see him on Pup and hopefully he will begin his career on the upswing then. In the combine Meachem and Hill looked fast and tall. The pats will definetly take a WR with one of the first three picks. I see it this way depending on who is available. Patrick Willis, Posluzny, or CB maybe the kidfrom Arkansas or Mcauley. Don’t forget the Pats could trade out of 24 either up or down. And we should see at least 4 compensatory picks for FA loses last year. I see six picks in the first 3 rounds and maybe a chance for 8 in the first four.

    Can’t wait till the draft. I love this team. Lot’s to be positive about this time of year.

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