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About Patriotsfanblog

This is a good, fun blog for all Patriots fans to view everyday, there are many great features to this blog that you will discover when you read further on.

The Blog: The main page of the site is called the blog. I will be writing daily consisting of either a full article/story, or just a short little paragraph with links to some good articles. I also sometimes will give quick comments to keep you up to date in the Patriots world. Feel free to comment on my articles either by clicking on the title or clicking comments below the article.

Forum/Message Board: This is another great place wear you can talk about the Patriots, no spamming, cursing, or rudeness will happen in our forums or you will be banned. The mods will be strict but fair. So sign up for the forum and become an active member, and become close with fellow Patriot fans and good discussions.

Chat Room: Another good place for you to come and talk to fellow Patriot fans, during games you can come in and talk about what’s going on and what needs to be done, special occasions like the draft would also be a good time to come in the chat room and talk about the selections. Lets keep this a fun and clean chat room so us Patriots fans can become a big community.  

Feedback: If you have questions, critiques, or even just comments, you are always welcome to submit feedback to the site.

Disclaimer: This Web site is a New England Patriots fan site and is not affiliated with the New England patriots or the National Football League. This is not an official news source and, as such, information on this site should not be considered as fact. More specifically: I’m only kidding, so don’t sue me. All content on this site, excepting that which has been attributed from another source, are copyright © 2006 Patriotsfanblog.com


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