A New Era for this Blog

March 4, 2007

As Free Agency heats up for our Patriots, I’ve made a move to a new domain, a new site, and a new look. Our new site can be checked out at that link. It’s still in progress, but it’s complete enough where I’m comfortable moving my readers to that side. Also, I think PatriotsFanBlog.com will be forwarding to it in the next day or so.

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Wheelin’ and Dealin’

March 3, 2007

The Patriots have in fact become players in the free agency market, meeting with FA’s Adalius Thomas, Kyle Brady, and Sammy Morris over the past two days. While Brady and Morris would be decent additions, the one everyone’s most interested in is Adalius Thomas, a prized linebacker who would be a huge asset to a depleted linebacker core.

While he doesn’t necessarily add youth to an aging linebacker core, he’ll add skill, as he has a nose for the ball and the ability to rush the passer. The seven year vet posted decent numbers last year, accruing 11 sacks and 83 tackles, 64 of those by himself. While those numbers don’t scream at you, they compare favorably to Willie McGinest during his tenure here. According to the Globe, Thomas is close to a deal with the Patriots, so we’ll see how that turns out in the next day or so.

Kyle Brady is a veteran and is familiar with the Patriots system, although if it were me, I’d just do what I could to keep Daniel Graham. He’s a great compliment to Ben Watson, and he seems to be a better blocker on the line. But if it’s true that Graham is gone, Kyle Brady could be a good veteran replacement. He’s smart, and he comes up with a good catch now and then, but I don’t think he’s nearly as good as Graham.

Sammy Morris is a decent complimentary back, but obviously he won’t start here. He reminds me of a Kevin Faulk, which is surprising to me why the Patriots would show interest. You would think they want a bruising type, and I don’t think Sammy is that type. His best year was in ’04, where he scored 6 TD’s and rushed for 523 yards, but like I said, he’s mainly been a backup. Morris is making the rounds, and the globe didn’t indicate whether or not he was close to signing a deal in New England.

With free agency two days old already, the Patriots are already making waves. Recognizing legitimate weaknesses they cannot fix in the draft, it appears they will be picking up a few guys in free agency this year. Adalius Thomas will be a step in the right direction if he signs, but they shouldn’t stop there. Keep it here for updates on the team and what they do this offseason.

Pats Hire Bill O’Brien as Offensive Assistant

February 27, 2007

From BostonHerald.com:

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Patriots [team stats] have hired Duke University offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien as an offensive assistant coach.

O’Brien, an assistant coach for the last 14 years at the collegiate level, spent the last two seasons at Duke, where he also was quarterbacks coach.

O’Brien, 37, coached running backs at Maryland in the 2003 and 2004 seasons. He worked at Georgia Tech between 1995 and 2002, where he held positions including offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach and assistant head coach in 2002.

O’Brien, from Andover, attended Brown University, where he played linebacker and defensive end from 1990-92.

Not sure what his role will be with the team, but I hope he works with Tom Brady on his mechanics. All year Tom struggled with consistency in his mechanics, and I know it wasn’t because of a breakdown on the line. Hopefully he can get back to being as sharp as he normally is.

Punching Out and Moving on? And Chad Jackson, Out.

February 24, 2007

So the story changes slightly. I know it’s after the fact, but when I heard Dillon was asking for his release, I wondered why if his intention was to retire? So it sounds like he just wants to go to another team. That’s okay to me, because he deserves it. Interesting how a day after the initial story was released, it’s now clarified that Dillon wants to play elsewhere… Oh well.

Chad Jackson tore his ACL in the game against the Colts and will most likely miss all of next season. Depth at WR was already very thin, and now it’s much worse. Next week begins free agency, and begins the Patriots rebuilding process. We’ll have to see what moves they will make.

Tom Brady knocks up Bridget Moynahan

February 18, 2007

According to People Magazine, Tom Brady gave Bridget Moynahan a fantastic Christmas gift this past holiday in the form of a soon-to-be small child. He then proceeded to break up with her, giving himself the new nickname, “Bridgets Baby’s Daddy!”

We here at PatriotsFanBlog.com have no comment, except I’d like to know if a paternity test will be conducted, just in case it’s not really Andrews’ kid.

Power Ranking

February 7, 2007

Well now, the first power rankings for the 07-08 season has just been released, seems a little premature to me. But Pete Prisco from CBS Sportsline believes that the Colts are the best team as of right now, uh what a hard a pick they just won the super bowl. Anyway, Pete believes that the Patriots are overall the second best team, which I have some doubts about.

If it was me I would have to put the Pats around the 4-5 spot. Even though our receivers didn’t do all that bad were still weak at that spot. So basically because of that, other then the Colts I would put the Ravens, Chargers, and also the Bears in front the Patriots. But by training camp I would have to put the Pats back to the two spot as they will be upgrading with their great camp room, and two first round picks.

A Sit Down* With Peyton Manning

February 3, 2007


Patriots Fan Blog has been fortunate enough to gain access to the most highly touted QB of this era. Since 1998, his rookie season, Peyton Manning has lit the league on fire with his unbelievable abilities. Drawing many comparisons with Dan Marino, Manning hopes to attain something even Marino could not: a Super Bowl ring. I sat down* with the “6’5, 230 pound quarterback, with a laser, rocket arm” and here’s what we talked about:

PFB: Peyton, congratulations on getting to the Super Bowl this year. I’m sure you want to thank some people for helping you get there, so take this opportunity now.

Peyton: Well I guess I’ve really got to thank myself. Throwing away all those games over the years has really made finally getting here all the sweeter.

I guess I should thank my team. I mean, *long pause* I’m trying to be a good teammate here, but let’s just say over the years they’ve had some mental breakdowns from time to time. Alright, just about every game, someone on the team has screwed up. I won’t name any names, but we all know it wasn’t me.

PFB: Now that you’ve beaten the Patriots in a meaningful game, where does your career go from here? Will you just be happy to be in the Super Bowl?

Peyton: I don’t know, I figure I’ll do about 15 more commercials this off season, win or lose, then see where I am.

PFB: Is your brother Eli gay?

Peyton: No. He’s only a quarter gay, as am I. From our grandfather on our mothers side who was gay.

PFB: We’ve heard rumors that you like to wear women’s underwear the day of a game. Any truth to that?

Peyton: That is absolutely false! Game day is the one day of the week that I DON’T wear ladies underpants. That would be totally unprofessional. It really bothers me that people think that.

PFB: Well, since you confirmed those rumors…. What’s your preference in ladies undergarments?

Peyton: I like the feeling of lace on my body. But today it’s granny panties, because someone’s back in town for the week.

PFB: Um… What?

Peyton: The red tide has come in?

PFB: But, that’s not possible?

Peyton: Yeah…. Right.

PFB: Moving on… Is there one particular moment of this season that you’ll always remember?

Peyton: Yeah, the “laser rocket arm” line from one of my commercials. I totally ad-libbed that, that was all me. I felt like Ryan Stiles or Colin Mochrie, I was on fire that day. I remember turning to a production assistant at one point and telling her that I should be on Whose Line, not Wayne Brady.

PFB: What do you have against Wayne Brady? Is it because he’s black, or because his last name is Brady?

Peyton: …….no comment.

PFB: We all know many athletes have a lot of superstitions they believe in. Along with the women’s underwear, do you have any other superstitions?

Peyton: Yes. I must film a commercial before each game. If I don’t then I just don’t feel right, like something is going to go wrong.

PFB: What commercial that you haven’t filmed is one you would like to do?

Peyton: I really would like to film a commercial for male enhancement pills. What’s more manly than a 6’5″ 230 pound quarterback with a laser, rocket arm selling pills to make your unit bigger? I think that kind of stuff is right in my wheel house creatively. Down the road I want to sell stuff like Ben Gay, but not until after my Jesus-like career is done.

PFB: Out of all the commercials you do, which one annoys you as much as it annoys the rest of us?

Peyton: SURELY you jest good sir!

PFB: No, I’m serious. Which one?

Peyton: You must mean annoying as in completely riveting that absolutely compels you to buy/sign up/use the product I’m endorsing!

PFB: No, I’m pretty sure I meant annoying as in you’d rather poke your eyes out with a knife than endure another 30 seconds of it.

Peyton: I’m just going to breeze over that one and tell you which director I’d like to work with in my next big commercial. The answer would have to be Clint Eastwood. The man is a genius!

PFB: If you weren’t a football player, what would you do?

Peyton: If I wasn’t a football player I’d probably focus full time on my commercial acting career.

PFB: Speaking of careers, I have to ask- Now that you are in the Super Bowl, how do you feel the publics’ perception of you will change? Do you feel you’ve now stepped out of the shadows of Ryan Leaf?

Peyton: Uhmmmm remind me again, how many commercials has Ryan Leaf done? Exactly! Set, game, match, ME! FACE! LASER ROCKET ARM!

And with that, our interview concluded. As of now Peyton Manning is gearing up for the Bears tomorrow night. I for one will be most interested in seeing his performance. I’m sure he’ll be in at least five commercials. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

* This may or may not have been an actual interview with Peyton Manning. It may or may not have instead been a collaboration between myself and Andrews.