Hi, as hopefully the community of the message board and the blog will be on the rise everyday, their will be some rules and guidelines that has to go along with it.


1. Please respect fellow posters at all times.
Their is no need to call people names and disrespect them in anyway. You may also want to watch your sarcasm as many people could take it the wrong way.

2. No swearing
I know time to time that a curse word will end up in your post. Please do not excessively over use vulgar or inappropriate words, or you could face being banned.

3. Links
Please, if you have a link to another site that you would like to advertise, just give me an email or PM. I will review them and if I approve I will let you post the link, just ask first.


1. Please check other posts before you create a new thread. We do not want the same news posted all over the board, please keep it in one place.

2. Try not to make false rumors, if you hear a rumor let us know wear you got it from. We do not want false information floating around on the board.

3. Please keep the new threads worthy enough to read. Nobody wants to read a post that is not relative to anything.

4. Do not use all CAPS, which get highly annoying. Also, please try to keep your spelling and grammar errors to a minimum. I know that we all make mistakes but please do not talk like (ya man Patriots are da ……) nobody wants to read that and it brings down the level of respect to the board and site.

5. If you have a concern with a poster on the board, (please let me know). Do not confront the person yourself, just give me a email or PM and tell me what the problem is, and I will deal with it appropriately.

Overall please lets keep this forum on a high maturity level. So it will keep growing and gaining more respect by the day.


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