A New Era for this Blog

March 4, 2007

As Free Agency heats up for our Patriots, I’ve made a move to a new domain, a new site, and a new look. Our new site can be checked out at that link. It’s still in progress, but it’s complete enough where I’m comfortable moving my readers to that side. Also, I think PatriotsFanBlog.com will be forwarding to it in the next day or so.

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Wheelin’ and Dealin’

March 3, 2007

The Patriots have in fact become players in the free agency market, meeting with FA’s Adalius Thomas, Kyle Brady, and Sammy Morris over the past two days. While Brady and Morris would be decent additions, the one everyone’s most interested in is Adalius Thomas, a prized linebacker who would be a huge asset to a depleted linebacker core.

While he doesn’t necessarily add youth to an aging linebacker core, he’ll add skill, as he has a nose for the ball and the ability to rush the passer. The seven year vet posted decent numbers last year, accruing 11 sacks and 83 tackles, 64 of those by himself. While those numbers don’t scream at you, they compare favorably to Willie McGinest during his tenure here. According to the Globe, Thomas is close to a deal with the Patriots, so we’ll see how that turns out in the next day or so.

Kyle Brady is a veteran and is familiar with the Patriots system, although if it were me, I’d just do what I could to keep Daniel Graham. He’s a great compliment to Ben Watson, and he seems to be a better blocker on the line. But if it’s true that Graham is gone, Kyle Brady could be a good veteran replacement. He’s smart, and he comes up with a good catch now and then, but I don’t think he’s nearly as good as Graham.

Sammy Morris is a decent complimentary back, but obviously he won’t start here. He reminds me of a Kevin Faulk, which is surprising to me why the Patriots would show interest. You would think they want a bruising type, and I don’t think Sammy is that type. His best year was in ’04, where he scored 6 TD’s and rushed for 523 yards, but like I said, he’s mainly been a backup. Morris is making the rounds, and the globe didn’t indicate whether or not he was close to signing a deal in New England.

With free agency two days old already, the Patriots are already making waves. Recognizing legitimate weaknesses they cannot fix in the draft, it appears they will be picking up a few guys in free agency this year. Adalius Thomas will be a step in the right direction if he signs, but they shouldn’t stop there. Keep it here for updates on the team and what they do this offseason.