Brady looks sharp

August 16, 2006

The Patriots had practice from 4:30 to 6:30 today and from what I’m hearing and reading, Tom Brady looked the best he’s looked all summer. Mike Reiss ( has notes from practice, I also had a friend down in training camp so I’ll incorporate both of their notes for you.– Like I mentioned, Tom Brady looked extremely sharp, hitting Ben Watson and Reche Caldwell multiple times.

– The WR’s looked halfway decent, we’d still like to see either Deion or Chad out there.

– There were some bonehead moves, penalties.

– Rookie Ryan O’Callaghan still looks impressive while working with the first line on offense. Remember, coming into the draft from California, O’Callaghan could have been a second round pick if he didn’t have the label; Injury prone, next to his name.

– Both kickers, Martin Gramatica and rookie Stephen Gostkowski both hit four field goals at the end of practice. The buzz about these kickers is, if Gramatica wins the battle the Patriots could place Gostkowski on the practice squad. I have a feeling Gostkowski will be our kicker come the regular season.

– In the 3 – 4 defense the LB’s were the same players as yesterdays practice (read Another week in Foxborough)Still no Chad Jackson, Bill Belichick did say that he’s coming along.


Where is Mr. Jackson?

August 14, 2006

That’s one word to describe this summer for rookie WR Chad Jackson. Everyday the media and hundreds of fans look onto the practice field at Gillette Stadium during a practice and instantly get disappointed. See, I’m a huge Chad Jackson fan so when I go to these training camp practices (I’ve been to 5) I want to see one of my favorite players. But, I’m always disappointed, I look out towards where the WR’s stand before practice and I see the same numbers I always see; 87, 80, 1, 2, 5, 19, and 81. So where is 17?

Jackson “tweaked” his hamstring a week before training camp began, so roughly July 20th, and since then Jackson has only appeared in two practices, one day, that day was on a Tuesday where there was a special season ticket holder practice, which I went to. In that practice Jackson looked very rusty, dropping a few easy catches and looking lost on different routes. Well I thought that atleast Jackson would be out there practicing now so he’ll obviously get better, well I was wrong. Since that practice a couple of weeks ago Jackson hasn’t been back on the field (including today’s morning practice) and it is to be said it’s that hamstring again.

So what’s next for the rookie everybody was drooling over in mini camp? Who knows, I’m not one to speculate but I will make a bold decision and say Jackson does practice this week and if I’m wrong he better make it quick because as of right now our depth chart at WR looks like this;

1. Reche Caldwell – Dropped a Brady touchdown, that must’ve made Brady feel good.
2. Troy Brown – He’s not getting any young. 34.
3. Kelvin Kight – Who?
4. Brandon Childress – Good hardworker, questionable hands.
5. Eddie Berlin – Was signed 4 days ago.
6. Erik Davis – Good at Wakeforest, route running is rough.
7. Keron Henry – Great blocker, that’s it.

Training camp – Day of surprises

August 7, 2006

I’ll be in training camp on Tuesday, but from reading these are the notes I got from Patriots training camp.

– As you know a lot of people who were missing showed up, no not Deion Branch.

– Rookie WR Chad Jackson still is not practicing.

– Ellis Hobbs got beat three times in a row, first by Keron Henry then Reche Caldwell and Troy Brown.

– Mike Vrabel played some time at ILB.

– Rookie DB Willie Andrews still looks good in KR/PR..

– In some defensive plays, the Patriots ran a 4-3.

Not that long, I’ll come back on Tuesday with a good report.

Harrison back in action

August 7, 2006

Today marked the first day back for the Patriots after getting the weekend off, and to our surprise Patriots captain Rodney Harrison was in attendance, it was a great thing to see if your a football fan. After tearing a bunch of ligaments in his leg, many people thought one of two things. One, Harrison would never play again, or two if he played again it’d be a couple of years. Well he proved those people wrong and took part in some of the drills with the team today. While we don’t know if he’ll be ready to start game one, we are just glad he’s out there having fun with the guys and practicing.

Meanwhile, other then Harrison, five other players got taken off the P.U.P list and practice for the first time today (one player was his second practice) . This list included; Daniel Graham, Daniel Koppen, Jonathan Sullivan, Richard Seymour, and Randall Gay.

Notes – Rookie WR Matt Shelton was placed on Injured Reserve, meaning his season is over. Don’t look for the Pats to carry Shelton through the season, he’ll probably be cut very soon.

Training camp review – first week

August 5, 2006

Here is my view of how the first week of Pats training camp went.

Most intense battle – Kickers

Who has the edge? – Stephen Gostkowski

Most impressive KR/PR – Willie Andrews


Most impressive player on offense – Tom Brady

Least impressive player on offense – Keron Henry

Biggest surprise on offense – Play of Patrick Cobbs (good)

Most impressive newcomer on offense – Reche Caldwell

Least impressive newcomer on offense – N/A


Most impressive player on defense – Rossy Colvin

Least impressive player on defense – Freddy Roach

Biggest surprise on defense – Play of Eugene Wilson at CB (good)

Most impressive newcomer on defense – Bobby Gardner

Least impressive newcome on defense – Eric Warfield


Where am I? – Chad Jackson, Daniel Graham, Deion Branch, Daniel Koppen, Randall Gay, Nick Kazcur, Matt Shelton, Rodney Harrison.

Who needs to step up? – Ellis Hobbs

Weekend off

August 5, 2006

I really didn’t think the Pats derserved it but they got the weekend off of practice. At times during this practice the Pats looked slugish, so I think we need as much practice as we can get. Hopefully when camp starts up again on Monday, players like Chad Jackson, Daniel Graham, and Garrett Mills actually show up and practice.

Friday training camp notes

August 4, 2006

The Patriots had a easy practice today, in which the Pats staff cancelled the morning edition. Some notes ( of the practice looked like this;

– David Thomas looks very solid, great hands.

– Watson continues to drop a couple of passes a day.

– Walter Rasby continues to turn some heads, who is this guy?

– Don’t look for Roach to stay on the team along time, he is stuggling.

– The kicking battle is the most exciting thing going on.

– Jackson and Graham are ghosts to this training camp.