January 6, 2007

For those of you who haven’t seen this tribute to Tom Brady it should be a nice final lighthearted moment before the playoffs start.

For those of you who have seen it before, don’t you think it’s about time you watch it again?

And for those of you who having watched this video then have trouble looking Tom square in the face this sunday while watching the game I apologize. But you’re issues with your own sexuality were there long before I started posting here.


Support Our Fellow Celtics!

November 1, 2006

The Celtics have their opening game tonight against the Hornets, their will also be a tribute to Red Auerbach (who passed away over the weekend) before the game. Everybody tune into the game around 7:30 pm EST and support your fellow sports town team. I would also like to say RIP to Red, wasn’t for him the Celtics wouldn’t have the history they do, or for that matter even be a Boston team.

10 things to watch

September 24, 2006

While watching the games today, here are 10 things that you should look out for. (No particular order)1. How will the Colts do with their injury problems? (Vinateri, Sanders, Simon, and Stockley all out)

2. Can Rex keep it up? (picture above)

3. How will Deion do with the ‘Hawks?

4. Another amazing defensive performance for the Ravens?

5. Revenge for Patriots?

6. Can Daunte get the ‘Phins rolling?

7. A new Bills team?

8. Panthers and Bucs, which one will be 0-3?

9. Steelers offense, where is it?

10. Can Frank Gore keep it up?

New Forum: Join Now

September 14, 2006

Some news, we are no longer apart of the NESC forum. I have created a new forum and hope everybody will join and make it active, and be one of the best Patriots message boards. Join here

Curtis Martin may retire

August 11, 2006

According to the New York Times News, New York Jets RB Curtis Martin is expected to retire. Prior to the NFL Draft Martin told the Jets to highly consider drafting a RB high in the draft. Well the Jets didn’t listen and ended up drafting Leon Washington from Florida on day two. If Martin does call it quits the Jets will need to make a move for a Thomas Jones from the Chicago Bears or Chris Brown from the Tennessee Titans. On a lighter note, Martin had a great career in the NFL which was mostly underrated. I’m a huge Martin fan and I’m thankful for what he did with the New England Patriots during his tenure here.Good luck Curtis.

Leaving For A Little While

August 3, 2006

I am leaving for a little while and doubt that I will have time to do any updates, so Ricky and James from jaguarsblog will be taking over the blog. I hope to come back to some great Patriot news.

Do you remember Robert Edwards?

July 30, 2006

“With the 18th pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select, Robert Edwards, RB, from Georgia.”

A pick that was amazing in many Patriots fans eyes, Robert Edwards was the RB to replace Curtis Martin, this pick alone had everybody in Boston saying, “Curtis who?.” Edwards sure didn’t disappoint in his first and rookie season with the Patriots. Starting in 15 games (out of 16), Edwards recorded 1,115 yards on 291 carries, a 3.8 average. A 3.8 average? Yes, it doesn’t seem like a high number now but back then in 1998 a normal RB would get about 3.7 yards a carry. Anyways, Edwards then went on to score 9 touchdowns, and got a rare rookie trip to the pro-bowl.

Meanwhile, down in New York, first year Jets RB Curtis Martin average only 3.5 yards a carry, 1,287 yards on 369 carries, and 8 touchdowns. How could it get any better? Our rookie RB is outdoing one of the best Patriots RB of all time. Patriots fans loved it. And why wouldn’t they?

Now after watching their rookie phenom, the Pats and their fans got to taste the playoffs. After finishing with a 9-7 record, the Patriots had a date with the Jacksonville Jaguars, we’ll just not talk about that game. Fast forward to the pro-bowl, Pats fans may be still angry about the lose to the Jaguars in the playoffs but hey look at our future, we had, Drew Bledsoe as our franchise QB, Robert Edwards as our future RB, Terry Glenn as our future WR, then Ben Coats, Troy Brown, Adam Vinateri, Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Willie McGinest, Chris Slade, Willie Clay, and Ted Johnson. Wow.

Then it all fell apart, it happened during a flag football game during the pro-bowl events in Hawaii. The superior rookie RB Robert Edwards, fell wierdly in the sand and blew out his knee. Right when Patriots nation heard about a blown knee, you just knew he’ll be gone for a while. Edwards injury was so bad Doctors said he might have to get his leg amputated, thank god that wasn’t the case. However, it didn’t get any better, the same Doctors told Edwards that he’ll be very lucky to ever walk again. Well, fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you, and the Doctors got fooled. Edwards stood up and did walk again. Still, he was no where near playing football. Edwards had to take two seasons off before he could even think about playing again.

How could this happen? Things were so good, our team was actually going up for once, and then this curse like injury. Why? You could say curse, the Patriots then had their fair share of RB’s, a list that included, Terry Allen, J.R Redmond, Kevin Faulk, Raymond Harris, Antowain Smith, Lamont Warren. Some of those players did actually help the Patriots out, like Allen, Faulk and Smith. And who could forget J.R Redmond in the playoffs.

2001 – The Patriots chose to cut Robert Edwards, even though he did show signs of coming back. At the time we then signed former Buffalo Bill RB Antowain Smith. Edwards continued to rehab, hoping that his NFL dream wasn’t already finished. Meanwhile, the Patriots won their first superbowl in the teams history and Edwards got a call from the Miami Dolphins. During the 2002 season Edwards played in 12 games for the Dolphins, got 102 yards on 20 carries (5.4 average). Then that was it, the Dolphins cut Edwards, and Edwards never got that phone call again.

What could have happened in the draft? Well the only player we would have liked to have was Randy Moss, we still managed to draft Tebucky Jones in that draft and he also made a trip to the Dolphins but recently found his way back home in New England.

Where is Edwards? Robert Edwards never got another NFL chance but he is currently playing with the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League.

It was a fun one year, to bad we never got to see the end result.