Jets Grounded; Pats Book Ticket to San Diego With 37-16 Win

January 7, 2007


What? What? Did you think it would be close?

Actually, it was close. Close up until Big Vince made the biggest play of the game. Argue all you want about the Samuel pick, which was great. I’m telling you, though, the game changer was the Wilfork fumble recovery. The fact the Jets didn’t really stay sharp after that indicated it was a big letdown for them.

The big disappointment for me was the stupid penalties. Once again the Patriots can’t seem to sew that up. I know they want to play more physical in the playoffs, but my god, you can’t kill yourself. Even Bruschi got a call for a late hit. That’s just dumb football. Fortunately none of these issues killed the team, but they may not be so lucky next week.

ESPN’s recap of today’s Pats game.

Boston Globe’s take on the game.

Herald reports on the 37-16 win.

All in all a great win. More stories will be out about this game tomorrow and one of us here will skim them and post a recap, but enjoy the victory and prepare for one of the most overrated coaches in the league, Marty Schottenheimer. I’ll have something about him this week, so stay tuned for that.

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Go Pats!


It’s Showtime! SHOW-TIME!

January 7, 2007


Patriots vs. Jets Official Game Thread

Yes, that was a Rocky reference. I try to fit one in whenever I write something. Game previews, columns, deposite slips at the bank, wherever. Anyway, onto the bidnass at hand. I gathered up some of the more relevent links from around the net concerning the Patriots/Jets game, some more interesting than others mind you. Enjoy.

ESPN Pats/Jets Preview – Pretty good coverage, full page, several articles.

Michael Felger Checks in before the game – Some people hate Felger, some love him, but he’s a great Patriots writer.

Yahoo Preview – Pretty generic game preview, wouldn’t waste your time………….even though I did.

Mike Reiss Boston Globe Pats Blog – Not HEAVY on content but updated fairly often with breaking info.

The ProJo Pats Blog – Updating as the game nears.

As always check back in after, or during the game for some discussion on the goings on. Feel free to use the comments section or forum to get your voice and opinions out.

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Patriots Games Inactives, Notes

December 10, 2006

Greg from PatsBlog:

Harrison, Rodney S Out Shoulder Missed Portion
Alexander, Eric LB Out Shoulder Missed Portion
Baker, Rashad S Out Thigh
Davis, Don LB Out – IR Knee Injured Reserve 
Jackson, Chad WR Out Groin Missed Portion
Maroney, Laurence RB Out Back Missed Portion
O’Callaghan, Ryan T Out Neck Missed Portion

As you probably noticed, Don Davis has been placed on injured reserve.  With the roster spots (2 now), the Patriots resigned WR Kelvin Kight and CB Antwain Spann from the Practice squad.  This is rather surprising, I would expect Bam Childress to be signed from the practice squad if any receiver.  The biggest news is probably that Maroney will be out of the game.  Good news though, Ellis Hobbs will likely play as he is still listed as questionable (game-time decision.) 

Pats Vs Dolphins

December 9, 2006

Game Preview From: Patsblog

How does the D do it?  The Patriots finally are looking settled on defense, and then another string of injuries occured. Last week, it was Junior Seau on injured reserve with an arm injury, and this week it is Eugene Wilson. Yet somehow, our defense is having one of its most dominating years yet. We are sixth in overall defense, second in points allowed  game, and third in redzone defense.

On Tuesday, the Patriots placed starting Free Safety Eugene Wilson on injured reserve. Wilson had battled a hamstring injury all year, being listed as questionable for every injury report. With the loss of Wilson, the Pats filled the roster spot by signing S Ray Mickens. Mickens should get some extensive playing time, but we have yet to see what the veteran can hold up to.

The following is a list of players on defense who have had an injury at some point this year:

S Eugene Wilson

LB Tedy Bruschi

LB Mike Vrabel (end of last game)

LB Junior Seau

DE Ty Warren

DE Richard Seymour

CB Ellis Hobbs

CB Asante Samuel

S Rodney Harrison

S Tebucky Jones

S Mel Mitchell

LB Chad Brown

DB Chad Scott

CB Randall Gay

LB Cory Mays

This is honestly getting rediculous. This is worse than any of the other injury laiden years, like in ‘03 and in ‘05. Hopefully we can continue to overcome it. (List any more if you have them, I’m sure there’s more!

Laurence Maroney is Questionable:  Laurence Maroney was listed as questionable on yesterday’s injury report. I don’t think Hoody will play him this week, usually for Bill, questionable means doubtful (or probable, never actually questionable). If Koolaid can’t go, Patrick Pass will get some serious playing time.Patriots vs. Dolphins:  The Dolphins are on a roll, and that can be a scary thing. Even though the Dolphins looked sluggish at the start of the season, Joey Harrington has them rolling now. I know, I can’t believe it either. Colvin and Green will need to get some pressure on him, and make him throw all balance like he did during his Detroit carreer. Joey may be playing well (as in winning), but he certainly hasn’t been mistake free. Props out to Reche Caldwell who is doing a terriffic job catching balls from Brady, and I can definately see him getting going on Sunday.

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Week 13 – Player of the Game

December 3, 2006

Tom Brady (QB) – 27 for 38 / 305 yards / 1 int

Corey Dillon (RB) – 9 carries / 25 yards / 2.7 average / 3 touchdowns

Reche Caldwell (WR) – 8 catches / 112 yards

Mike Vrabel(LB) – 8 total tackles / 2 ints

Ty Warren (DE) – 10 total tackles / 2 sacks

This week, my vote goes to Mike Vrabel. He had to move back inside, something I’m sure he doesn’t love doing and he did it for the team because we needed him there. He got two interceptions in the fourth quarter and closed up the game for us.

Injury Report

December 1, 2006


Harrison, Rodney S Out Shoulder
Graham, Daniel TE Questionable Ankle  
Hobbs, Ellis CB Questionable Wrist  
Jackson, Chad WR Questionable Groin  
Mays, Corey LB Questionable Hamstring
O’Callaghan, Ryan T Questionable Neck  
Scott, Chad DB Questionable Groin
Wilson, Eugene S Questionable Hamstring
Brady, Tom QB Probable Right Shoulder  
Seymour, Richard DL Probable Elbow


Tucker, Rex T OUT – IR Knee
Ellis, Devale WR Questionable Shoulder
Rogers, Shaun DT Questionable Knee

17-13 Pats

November 27, 2006

From The Patriots went three and out on their first drive of the game, but the Bears took the field and didn’t even get to punt. Cornerback Asante Samuel made a nice jump on a pass from Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, intercepting the football on its way to wideout Bernard Berrian.

“He picked off a slant. We were in straight blitz coverage. No help. No one behind him. I mean he’s as man-to-man as you can get,” said safety Artrell Hawkins of the play by Samuel.

Samuel was all grins after the game, carrying the game balls from all three picks with him out of the locker room.

“Asante Samuel’s game was big today. I mean he had a Pro Bowl game today, straight up and down. He could’ve had five picks, I think,” said Hawkins. “He played the pass perfectly.”

“Man, I could have had six,” joked Samuel when he heard that Hawkins estimated five. “I dropped a couple. One on the deep ball, I misplayed it so I left a couple of balls on the field.

“It’s hard to tell [which team was better]. They made a lot of plays. It was a battle. They had a good defense, and we had a good defense. It was a good game. It was just about making the plays at the time when we need them. At the end of the game if they go down and score a touchdown, they win. So we made the plays and it kept us in the game.”

Chicago’s offense struggled in this game.

Grossman threw three interceptions and all three of them went to Samuel, who also led the defense with nine solo tackles. Grossman fumbled another one on a muffed snap only 5 yards from the goal line. The football was grabbed up by Patriots defensive end Richard Seymour, who played an outstanding game and had already blocked a 45-yard field goal attempt earlier in the first half. Seymour also had the game’s only sack when he took down Grossman in the third quarter, bringing his sack total to 4.0 for the season.

The Patriots offense was victim to the Bears attack-the-football style of defense as well.

“They go after that ball,” said quarterback Tom Brady after the game. “Their coaches must really preach that and they must work hard at it at practice. I have never seen anything like that. When you watch them on tape that is exactly what they do. [Coach Bill] Belichick must have stood up there 10 times in front of us this week and said, ‘Of all the teams we play, this team strips the ball more than anybody.’ That is why they get so many turnovers. They just attack the football and they have such great team speed that they get there. It is pretty impressive.”

Brady threw two interceptions in the game, both to Bears cornerback Charles Tillman. The Bears defense has recorded at least two turnovers in every game this season.

“We could have scored many more points than we scored,” said Brady. “When you turn the ball over it just kills you. That is like Denver this year. That is like Indianapolis. We have had a bunch of games where we just haven’t really protected the football. And every time we sit up here we talk about protecting the football, and that is what we have to do a better job of.”

Receiver Reche Caldwell and running backs Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney each lost fumbles in this game for a combined three turnovers – five including Brady’s intercepted passes. The Bears gave up four turnovers, overall.

“This was crazy,” said Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin after the game. “As a defense you go out there and you create turnovers and as an offense you give up turnovers. I think it’s what we expected. We expected them to be physical on both sides of the ball. Guys made plays and guys gave up plays. We’ve just got to keep playing. I think the guys did a good job of that. I think we’ve got a lot of work cut out for us. We’ve just got to get back to work this week. It’s a big win for us, but every win is [big] in the NFL.”

Colvin had five tackles and four quarterback hurries, helping to keep the young Grossman under pressure during most of the game.

Very sloppy game with all the turnovers, but we prevailed. It hurt me to see rookie Chad Jackson drop a sure TD, but oh well. Both Dillon and Maroney struggled, but we expected that. Next up, Detroit Lions.