Asante Back in the Fold… For a Year

As free agency looms on the horizon, the Patriots took away one of the better FA’s on the market, Franchising Asante Samuel yesterday. Typically, this is a move the Patriots do when they know they can’t reach an agreement with a player but they feel imperative to keep him. Adam Vinatieri had the franchise tag for many years, and I think Richard Seymour did as well (could be wrong on that).

I’m glad they’re keeping Samuel, as he will be a key to the young defense moving forward. Will this relationship last? I don’t know, but if Samuel isn’t slighted by the franchise tag and is willing to negotiate beyond this, they should have him locked up.

With this move, however, many speculate Daniel Graham could be on his way out. That’d be a tough loss as this team has benefitted from having multiple talented TE’s. I’d like to see Graham back in the fold but if it were between the two, you’d have to say Asante is more valuable.


2 Responses to Asante Back in the Fold… For a Year

  1. SMD says:

    Samuel was a must re-sign if they wanted to truelly have a shot at a SB next year.

    They have too many holes on the Defense as it is. Harrison can no longer be depended on to be a 16 game mainstay, he has only played a handful of games in the last two years.

    They still haven’t found a solid replacement for the Mike (Ted Johnson’s position) going on two years now, Beasel was a complete failure, and JR was only a stop gap.

    The FS position will be up for grabs, Wilson is in his last year, he will be a FA after the season. We never saw him last season, hopefully he can contribute in his contract year… but I doubt he’ll be returning in 2008.

    Depth at LB is a real problem, basically they have none they are willing to give significant playing time to… that causes a major problem, as it ensures the four starting LBs that you have will be worn out or injured by the end of the 16 game season.

    In the end, they just can’t afford to let their #1 CB go, and add another major hole they would then need to fill on the Defense.

    Besides, when you compare Samuel’s first four years to the first four of Ty Law’s they compare very favorably, and I’m willing to bet that Samuel is going to have an even more productive career than Ty Law, so long as he stays healthy… and you just don’t let that type of talent walk away from your team when he is only 25 years old and still improving.

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