Power Ranking

Well now, the first power rankings for the 07-08 season has just been released, seems a little premature to me. But Pete Prisco from CBS Sportsline believes that the Colts are the best team as of right now, uh what a hard a pick they just won the super bowl. Anyway, Pete believes that the Patriots are overall the second best team, which I have some doubts about.

If it was me I would have to put the Pats around the 4-5 spot. Even though our receivers didn’t do all that bad were still weak at that spot. So basically because of that, other then the Colts I would put the Ravens, Chargers, and also the Bears in front the Patriots. But by training camp I would have to put the Pats back to the two spot as they will be upgrading with their great camp room, and two first round picks.


One Response to Power Ranking

  1. SMD says:

    Ranking any of the teams now is worthless.

    After FA

    After the Draft

    After the FA moves after the Draft

    Then you can get a clue as to what direction teams are heading in.

    For example –

    The Patriots re-sign Samuel, bring in FA FS Deon Grant and Draft WR Bowe and CB Hughes in the 1st round.


    The Patriots lose Samuel, bring in some no-name FAs on the cheap and Draft a TE with one 1st round pick and trade off the other for a pick in ’08.

    Which moves are building up the team for a SB run next season… and which are signs that the FO may not be intent on winning it all next year?

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