Our National Nightmare Has Just Begun

Photo Courtesy Boston.com

On my way into my apartment this morning I noticed some remnants of someone’s party in the middle of the walkway. It was thick, spread out a good distance, and the color one would expect for such an occasion. The individual responsible for this mess no doubt had the same startling realization I did after last night’s game and this was the product of it. Now that there are no more excuses, no more glitches, no more flaws to the Colts game, they will steamroll the NFL from here until who knows when.

I realized this after seeing the look in Peyton’s eyes last night, when he finally realized his fullest potential. He didn’t have that exhausted “finally” look on his face. It was a look like he’d already been there, and this was just one more day on the calendar. Seeing that, I instantly succumbed to fear. That’s the look legends have. Larry Bird had the look. Tom Brady, Joe Montana had the look. That look on their face, not giving way to instant gratification, but rather savoring the moment only to know in the back of their mind there’s more to be had. And if that realization doesn’t scare anyone in the NFL who isn’t a Colts fan, you’re really not seeing the big picture.

As Patriots fans, we’re all aware of the shortcomings the Colts have had throughout the last five years. They’ve always been a pretty good team, but just couldn’t pull it together when it mattered. Peyton has been in the NFL for nine years and every year that question, “can he win the big game?” loomed over his head like a black cloud. Don’t kid yourself, that question was booming in his head before the Patriots game. After beating the Pats, he probably gained some confidence back, but he certainly has it now after last night’s victory. I concede the Bears just aren’t that good, especially with Rex Grossman, but fact is bad QB’s can win the Super Bowl and Peyton made sure that didn’t happen last night.

What stuck out to me, which is the cause for my major concerns is the Colts’ ability to come back in games. After that return and Manning interception, I figured the Colts were rattled and would have a very difficult time coming back from it. But then again, I felt the same way when the Patriots were up 21-3 in the first half two weeks ago. Like they’ve done all year it seems, Manning and the Colts methodically chipped away at the Bears and found a way to come back and keep the lead. Championship teams play like that. Dynasties play like that.

And forget all the talk about Tony Dungy. I was one of those who said he’s overrated, and I believe he still is. But his best quality is his ability to learn from past mistakes. How many times did we see the Colts blunder over the years and make poor decision after poor decision? I didn’t see any of that last night. Notice Devin Hester didn’t get any kickoffs after the first one? It’s an obvious call to most of us, but believe me, it’s not as obvious to the coaches. Remember the Pats Packers Super Bowl? Yeah, exactly. Now that he’s over those mistakes, I don’t see Tony Dungy being the hindrance he used to be. Not anymore, after last night.

For those of you who aren’t Patriots fans have grown tired of the success the Patriots have had. But last night gave birth to something far worse than the saturation you got from New England. Off the field, we’ll succumb to even more Colts/Manning frenzy, more commercials, more Tony Dungy, etc. On the field, we witnessed a complete team play like champions, like a Dynasty. This was the start of something awful for football fans. Unless you’re a Colts guy, you’re gonna hate the league over the next few years. And the sad part of it is there’s only one team capable of beating the Colts, and unless they retool and come back with a vengeance next year, the Patriots will be pushed away by the next dynasty of this new century.

Among other things, I have started to wonder about which team got the better RB in the draft this year: Pats or Colts? I’ll talk about that later this week. We’re also going to start making some changes to the site and other things like that. We’re now officially in the offseason, so it’s time to house clean. I promise, you will like what you see. Stay tuned.


8 Responses to Our National Nightmare Has Just Begun

  1. Matt says:

    I’m new to the site and i just wanted to say that you really hit that one on the head of the nail. As colts fan it gets me excited knowing their are patroits fan that respect us now. It did seem to me that manning didn’t seemed joyous, which was bothersome. Fans here in Indy are nuts but he is calm and cool. I saw that look and your right. P.S. we play each other next year good luck.

  2. Michael says:

    I believe overall most people have much respect for the Colts, which probably has to do with Peyton.

  3. FMF says:

    Go Colts!

    I LOVE the Colts, Manning and Dungy and I wish what you wrote was true — that there are going to be a dynasty. But I don’t think they will.

    They should have won two Super Bowls with this team during their lifetimes — the only problem is that one of those they should have won was last year. But they didn’t close the deal and I don’t expect them to again before Peyton retires. Too much parity in the NFL, luck needed to go all the way (injuries and such), and too many teams that are simply better (Chargers, Bears with a QB, Pats not banged up.)

  4. SMD says:

    Very interesting take, your belief that the Colts will take many more SBs to come is somewhat a common one at the moment.

    But it is one lacking some key information, the Colts for instance, have 12 players (many whom are starters) that will be Free Agents this Offseason, as the Patriots have shown to us these past two years… you don’t have to lose many of the peices to the puzzle to fall short.

    Losing a Ted Johnson, and never having found a replacement, losing a Rodney Harrison to injury two years in a row; and being outcoached in the second half of games on Offense, when for years we were used to seeing it be the Patriots who out playcalled and outcoached the opponents.

    It is that little… or that big… of a difference just a couple players and-or a coach can make. Chemistry, and experience, mean as much as the physical talents of the players.

    I am not saying the Pats will be ressurected next season and the Colts will fall… but that is what SHOULD happen. The Colts do not have the cap space to sign any more than one or two of their own Free Agents. The Patriots have around 30 million dollars, only two FAs worth worrying about, and two 1st round picks.

    The Colts are about to go thru what the Patriots went thru last year, a lot of players leaving during the Offseason. They will suffer thru what the Steelers, Patriots, Bucs, and all other SB teams go thru… every team they play will play them as if it is their own personal SB, they will go all out, and the Colts will find that intensity never lets up.

    The Colts won’t be repeating next year.

    The Chargers with an entire new staff will be worse off as well, goes back to that chemistry and experience thing I mentioned.

    The Steelers are pretty much in the same boat, new coaching staff and who knows if Big Ben will ever return to form.

    Teams to watch next season are the Jets and Broncos… if they get some breaks they could be as dangerous to the Patriot’s chances as anyone.

  5. Larry Taylor says:

    I don’t know what people are thing today!!! In my day a team that has a woman beater ie: Randy Mose and he is working for a team that cheats why would anyone support just a team. For me it is unthinkable.

  6. Mike says:

    NEW YORK – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was photographed Monday with what appears to be walking cast on his right foot.

    The Boston Herald and Boston Globe had the photos — credited to infphoto.com — on their Web sites. A video of Brady walking with a slight limp from an SUV to girlfriend Gisele Bundchen’s apartment in New York is available on TMZ.com.

    The Patriots beat San Diego 21-12 on Sunday and play the New York Giants in the Super Bowl in two weeks.

    “Ah, you know, there’s always bumps and bruises. I’ll be ready for the Super Bowl,” Brady said Monday during his weekly radio appearance on WEEI — before the photo and video emerged — when asked if his leg was injured. “I’m not worried about that. I’m not missing this one. I’d have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will be treatment this week. In games like this, you get a little nicked up. It’s nothing serious.”

    Patriots spokesman Stacey James wrote in an e-mail to the AP late Monday night that the team had no comment on the photos.

    Brady threw three interceptions against the Chargers in one of the worst performances of what has been a record-breaking season for him. Brady has started in 124 consecutive games, the third longest streak by a quarterback in NFL history.

    A little bit scarey, but they are still favored by 14 so thats good news.

    New England Patriots Fan since 1985

  7. John says:

    Even if the the Patriots go undefeated, they should have lost the first game of the season since the CHEATED!!!!!

  8. Gary Berman says:

    Sign JOEY PORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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