This is the most boring time of the year

I can’t stand the time right after a Patriots season. When they win it all, it’s not nearly as bad because of the obligatory celebrating I’m forced to do (conveniently on the 50 yard line at Qualcomm stadium). But when they don’t, February becomes a major drag. I honestly don’t care who wins the Super Bowl, although I’d prefer the Bears just so Marino can have company in the biggest asshole to never win a Super Bowl category. Vegas has Indy winning, which I’d agree with, but I can still hope for the best.

As you can tell, things have been slow here at the site. There hasn’t been much to report (Seymour not playing in the Pro Bowl. Yawn), so interest has died down. Case in point, the immediate aftermath of the Patriots loss to the Colts netted us over 1700 hits. That’s chump change for a bunch of sites, but for us, that was heavenly. Now, we’re below 40 hits a day and holding steady. I took over this site with the hopes of attracting a larger audience, and I will. But as you can see, it’s hard to have content when there is nothing to talk about.

That will change after the Super Bowl. I have some plans to shake up the site a bit, and I think you all will be happy with them. Except for that Jim guy, he’ll probably hate what I have in mind, but that’s okay. I still love you, Jim.

March brings in Free Agency, and the Patriots are going to need to be players. We’ll talk about that in the coming weeks and then that’ll lead us straight into the draft. I’ve brought back Ricky for draft analysis. He’s gonna be our Mel Kiper, complete with a fantastic hairdo. Look for him to analyze and break down this years crop of draft picks. Andrews will be Andrews, expect him to do some investigative journalism, or post Bill Simmons quotes. Either way, it’s all comedy gold!

Thanks for making us a part of your routine. Stay with us as we make these changes and enjoy a more entertaining experience at It’ll be cooler than the iPhone!


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