2004 Patriots Team Rank Ninth on ESPN’s Super Bowl Team Rankings

If you check out this link you’ll see the list, starting with the last twenty. I like these kinds of things because it invokes an opinion from everyone. Everyone has a feeling with each of the picks. You’ll probably have different feelings where the Patriots stand. The 2004 team ranked the highest, ninth on the list. The number one pick was the 89 49ers, and it’s truly hard to argue that one. I think the 04 Pats or 03 Pats should’ve been higher, but I don’t think they were first.

Other Patriots Rankings:

76. 1985 team.

74. 1996 team.

47. 2001 team.

32. 2003 team.

They have nice write-ups for every team. I think the 03 team should be higher, because they were in the midst of that huge win streak. But it’s just ESPN, it’s not like they’re the end all be all. Where do you think the Pats should rank?


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