Despite A Terrific First, David Beats Goliath, 38-34.

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It still stings, no matter how much I rationalize it. As I mentioned on Friday, all year the Patriots didn’t resemble a prototypical “Super Bowl” team. They didn’t have that intangible teams have when the football powers peg one team a champion. They just didn’t have “it.” I certainly didn’t think they had a shot at the Super Bowl, until they beat San Diego.

Like all of us, my hopes were raised. My eyes widened to Reche Caldwell levels. I then saw they were matched up with the Colts, and I really got excited. I said to my dad, “This could actually happen.” By far, of the Super Bowl teams that won three of four, this team would be the weakest. A sketchy offense coupled with a slow(er) defense made them vulnerable, but playing the Colts has been easy for them, and of course the NFC is like Division II football compared to the mighty AFC. So long as Peyton keeps being Peyton and Tony keeps being Tony, this will be the fourth Super Bowl in six years! Piece of cake!

Not quite.

I picked against them on Friday, and the reasoning was two-fold. First, and most rediculous: I picked against them because it worked against San Diego. If my picking San Diego to win was going to screw it up for them, I sure as hell was going to do it to Indy. It’s the most retarded thing I think I’ve ever thought was legitimate, but as a die-hard Patriots fan with an uneasy feeling about the team, I was willing to pull out all the stops. The second reason, what I just eluded to, was an incredible uneasiness with this game.

The Colts beatings of the Patriots the last two years were not coincidental, or lucky, or any of that. And yes, I do say beatings because even though the last game was decided by a touchdown, the Patriots had phenomenal opportunities to turn the tide of the game and couldn’t. To me, that’s a beating. Because of their lack of success, I just wasn’t sure which version of this rivalry we would see. Or more importantly, I was mostly sure I was going to see the most recent version of it, and that’s what scared me.

Leave it to the Patriots to make things interesting. I’m sure all of us were a tad jovial when the score was 21-3 and Peyton was having ‘Nam flashbacks all over again. The offense was struggling, but still moving and the defense was awesome! Ellis Hobbs and Asante Samuel played VERY well last night and should be congratulated. The game was not lost on the outside, where many of us thought it could be. I think the focus was on stopping those two receivers, and they did just that. No big plays (from them) and no mistakes.

What bugged the hell out of me was how wide open the middle of the field became. It’s awful when Dallas Clark is ripping up your secondary for huge gains. DALLAS CLARK! He sounds like a 70’s porn star, not a game breaking tight end! DALLAS CLARK! And that’s either a fault of the scheme or the safeties. I think it’s a combo of both, because I didn’t notice much zone coverage. But how sorely were Eugene Wilson and Rodney Harrison missed last night?

I don’t need to recap the game, because we all saw it. But I think the biggest point to be taken is the fact THIS Patriots team is nothing more than a shell of its old self. Last night I posted briefly with the title, “Dynasty Finished.” I think it’s appropriate because in fact, this team is not a dynasty anymore. Will they still be successful? When you have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, you almost always have a chance. But one of two things will happen this offseason, and that will determine the direction this team is going. They will either hit with some big free agents and get this team back on track for another run, or they will miss and get some disappointing players and start the rapid descent. The Patriots have some aging players, and some players that just aren’t very good. If they can’t replace them with the right mix of talent and heart, their dreams of winning will fade away.

Last year they could’ve been to the Super Bowl. This year they should’ve been. They left us a lot of questions about where they’re going next. It’ll be very interesting to hear the answers.

6 Responses to Despite A Terrific First, David Beats Goliath, 38-34.

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  2. Belli chick is a retahd!!!! says:

    GOD I LOVE THIS!!!!! Where you at Pasties fans, oh yeah, reality set in and you are just waking up in your little miserable New England world wondering how Caldwell dropped those balls. I will tell you how, he SUCKS!!!!! That is right, he was booted from many teams throughout the years due to his PERFORMANCE!!!!!! OH yeah, your homeboy Sean Salisbury likes to play hide the nightstick!!!!

  3. Greg says:

    This is Caldwell’s second team. Wow… you’re smart

    I actually love this, I love how everybody is like the Patriots suck. It’s actually really funny. Both teams played great games, but the Colts played slightly better, that’s how it works, games over. Let it go and stop trying to rub it in, because its not working.

    By the way, what’s up with the… !!!!!!!! ???

  4. Silveradohd59 says:

    That guy is retarded, didn’t even say who his team is, probably the Raiders, what an ass!
    I thought it was a great game and really could have ended up ethier way, this was suppose to be a rebuilding year, Miami was suppose to right up there. we have a lot to look foward to next year and there were 28b other teams home watching the AFC and NFC championship games wishing they were there.

  5. matt says:

    I’m a colts fan and i was at the game sunday night, i was sitting next to three pats fans After the game was over they all said good luck and enjoy the next two weeks. I think the pats and the colts are to of classiest organizations in football right now. Neither team really celebrates when they score a tochdown unlike the chad johnsons and TO of the NFL. I respect what the pats have done in the past and apreciate how their fans acted sunday night. I gotta feeling as long as they have tom, bill and the core of that defense they’ll be a favorite every year.

    to all those chargers fan……… RON BERGUNDY “stay classy San diego” muhahahaha

  6. Mike says:

    I agree with Matt, the game last night was a great atmosphere, I too saw a few Patriot fans (not as many as Chiefs, Bengals in games past) they were respectful, unlike Bengals fans who wanted a fight with every Colt fan they saw, and even gave hand shakes on the way out after game wishing luck to Colt fans. So I know not all Patriot fans are idiots like the few who post on here wishing for the demise of entire Colts team on their flight to Miami. Patriots are good and will continue to be in years to come………..Go Colts!

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