It’s Game Day!


Well the latest news is that Rodney Harrison will NOT be playing today against the Colts. Not exactly a huge surprise but there you go.

Some good links to get you focused in on todays game.

Tom Curran of does a great breakdown of the game, and picks the Pats to win 31 – 21.

The Heralds Michael Felger thinks that for the Pats to win they need two things, 1. To catch and hit the Colts, 2. For the officials to let them.

The Globes Dan Shaughnessy explains why this AFC title game feels bigger than the SuperBowl.

Steve Buckley of the Herald thinks the Colts D will loom large over the outcome of this game.

ESPNs Pats/Colts AFC Championship game page.

Be sure to check back in after the game, win or lose, for more Patriots coverage. Before and during the game feel free to check out the official Game Thread. Hell don’t just check it out, sign up and post in it. Become part of the site.

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