Dynasty Finished

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I need to decompress from this absolutely gut wrenching loss, so I will be more coherent tomorrow in my analysis. I was pleased with how they were in it until the very end, but I was so disappointed in how the defense could not stop giving up big gains. All game the Colts were able to move the ball for huge chunks of yards. The corners were awesome, but the defense just couldn’t defend the middle of the field. I guess they played too tight on the outside.

Either way, I hate to be the negative nelly here, but I think this is the last of the “dynasty” years here in New England. It all reminds me so much of the Cowboys in the mid 90’s. After that third title, they were close for a few years but couldn’t get past the Packers. I feel like the Colts are now the Packers of this era.

Feel free to discuss here and on the forum. What a shame. Plenty of thoughts and analysis to be heard this week. Honestly, I will most likely avoid the Super Bowl. I can’t stand the thought of Peyton Manning hoisting the trophy, and it looks like he will do that in two weeks. Ugh.


46 Responses to Dynasty Finished

  1. Hatrix9 says:

    They were robbed. It’s so obvious that Vegas made its calls to make sure the Colts won so they could make money.

    This isn’t even a game any more.

  2. Will says:

    The game came down to two, game ending 1:00 drives and one quarterback was able to come through, while the other failed. Now, not only can Manning win the big game, but he also led the biggest comeback in championship game history (perhaps a little reverse Boston sports karma). Congratulations to Manning and good luck in the Super Bowl.

  3. Michael says:

    Yeah, overall it was a even officiated game, both teams got the calls. Manning is a hell of a QB and one of the best ever. Congrats to the Colts

  4. matt says:

    I’m a colts fan and i just wanted to say thanks for sign Reach Caldwell aka butter fingers in the off season. That was probably the greatest game i’ve ever seen. good luck next year and now its a rivarly.

  5. matt says:

    Also that roughing the passer was questionalbe.

  6. That's right! says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how excited the world is not to have to watch such a BORING team turn another Super Bowl into a BORE fest.

    Go home Patriots!

  7. Rick says:

    The Patriots got exactly what they deserved after the disrespectful gloating they gave when beating the Chargers. There was no honor in how they celebrated that victory. Now they will go down as allowing the biggest comeback in playoff history. Seems poetic. Go Colts!

  8. Michael says:

    Colts fans you have the right to celebrate.

  9. McFan says:

    Rick…Merriman did his dance at Foxboro and that’s why a couple of Pats players did that dance against the Chargers. It was directed at the steroid abuser and noone else. Nothing wrong with that.
    If Rodney Harrison played tonight the Pats win. Had two TD passes not been dropped Brady and the offense would have put 45+ on the board! This was a defensive loss and the Pats were without their best defensive player.
    The Bears will win big. Manning wouldn’t have even gotten to the SB if the Chargers had beaten the Patriots. San Diego is better than the Colts.

  10. matt says:

    Mcfan…..maybe you didn’t see that bears-saints game. The bears offense is very predictable and isn’t that impressive. The colts will play the bears like they did baltimore and kanas city. Stop the running game and make grossmen try and win the game.
    Also merrimen is a joke celebrating every time a he touches a quaterback even if its not a sack. He looks like he sufers from eplepsy.
    What was Brady thinking throwing down the middle of the field with less than one minute left?

  11. Andy says:

    Am I the only one out there wondering if the Patriots might have done a little better yesterday if they still had Branch??????

    That’s not said to knock the WRs the Pats used this year. Though that part of the attack was often iffy, I think those guys did an adequate job this season.

    Just think that when a team disposes of players without an upgrade or an even replacement at the position the departing player played and then goes into the season with cap room they sort of underscore why they won’t be in the Superbowl this year….

  12. Danny says:

    WTF was Reche Caldwell on? he looksedlike his eyes were gonna pop out. He musta been on crack, he sucked so bad. Who the hell in professional football misses wide open catches.. both times in crucial moments! Reche Caldwell deserved to be banned from NFL.

  13. Danny says:

    damn its too late and i’m too pissed off.. excuse my grammer.

  14. colts suck says:

    we were robbed, dont even talk about the chargers game they deserved to lose, if clean guys make fun of a steroid user then who cares, fuck him, and regaurding last nights game, roughing the passer when no one touched manning? thats cool…i cant wait to see peyton ‘cheat to win’ manning in the bowl

  15. To all Patriots fans who feel robbed: does 455-319 mean anything? That’s the total yards gained by the Colts vs. the total yards gained by the Patriots. Not too close.

    To all Patriots fans who call Merriman a steroid using cheater: he is one. But how do you feel about your punter? (see http://cbs.sportsline.com/nfl/story/8338569 for details) No one here seems to mind his booming field-position changing kicks.

  16. Rick says:

    Sorry, but at the end of the Charger’s game the Pats showed they have no honor for the sport. Hopefully, the Colts corrected this attitude. Now who’s crying? The Pats have to live with allowing the greatest comeback ever in playoffs. Good luck with that.

  17. Rob says:

    “After that third title, they (Cowboys) were close for a few years but couldn’t get past the Packers. I feel like the Colts are now the Packers of this era.”

    Huh? The Cowboys never lost to the Packers in the post-season during the 90’s. The Boys went to the playoffs three more times in the 90’s, losing to the (96) Panthers, (97) No playoffs, (98) Cardinals and (99) Vikings.

  18. McFan says:

    Hi Andy, I don’t think the Colts can stop anybody’s offense no matter how predictable. They just don’t play defense.
    The Brady this was desperation. 53 seconds not enough. Give him another minute and a half and the Pats win.
    80% of the time when the ball pops up like it did on the Colts last drive and Samuels comes down with it.
    The Pats defense handed this one over gift wrapped.
    I miss Branch too BUT you shouldn’t have to score 50 to win.

  19. All Hail the Ungulates says:

    A few thoughts.

    1.) Chargers fan who whine about “disrepect” shown by the Pats who mimicked Merriman’s sack dance might want to pause and remember that a sack dance is itself gloating and thus disrespectful. If that’s too much of a mental puzzle for you to untangle, you could just shut the fuck up. It’s football, not sensitivity training. You know how you get respect? Win at home in the playoffs after a bye week.

    2.) New England fans whining about an unfairly officiated game is sweeter than the sound of chorus of angels singing from on high. Three championships under your belt and you’re whining about a phantom call? Hello?! Tuck rule? Anyone?! And if I’m not mistaken, the play yesterday’s “outrageous” call came on was a huge completion to Reggie Wayne, so it’s not like it came on a would-be game-ending fourthdown incompletion. WHINE AWAY LITTLE BEAN-EATERS. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    3.) While you can’t blame the officiating for the loss, you most certainly can blame Bugs Caldwell. Holy shit! Is that guy secretly on the Colts payroll?!

    4.) Indy as an early 7-point favorite against the Bears seems crazy high. I bet that line drops to 4 before Wednesday.

    And my closing thoughts:

    5.) Somewhere, Lil Ronnie is running a train on four snaggle-toothed, pock-marked Boston chicks. The hottest girls from your city, no doubt.

  20. Peter says:

    i hate the patsies, but it seems mind-numbingly stupid to suggest an end of the dynasty – *unless* both pretty boy and nasty man are on their way out of town. otherwise, count on those fools being back next year. brady is the greatest qb of all time, and belidick is the greatest coach of all time – hands down, for both of them.

    but, for now, for what it’s worth, i’m happy!!!!

    arghghghghghgh! go eat some clam chowdah suckahs!!!

  21. kosty says:

    The Pats still have the best QB in the league and the best coach in the league. They have two frist rounders and they are way under the salary cap. They will re-tool and come back strong next year. The difference between the Pats and other so-called “dynasites” is that the others were based off of a collection of super-stars that were convinced to play together for a while. The Pats are a system, a philosoply, soon Billy B will collect his parts beat the crap out of everyone, AGAIN.

  22. Jeff says:

    “Huh? The Cowboys never lost to the Packers in the post-season during the 90’s. The Boys went to the playoffs three more times in the 90’s, losing to the (96) Panthers, (97) No playoffs, (98) Cardinals and (99) Vikings.”

    You’re right. The two never met after that last Cowboys title, but the correlation is in regards to the Packers being the “up and coming” team back then, only to get squashed by the Cowboys, until finally winning in 97. The Packers then went on to play again in 98 only to lose to Denver while the Cowboys really didn’t have much left after that.

    The Colts have been on the doorstep the last three years, only to be beaten by the Patriots repeatedly. That’s where the two teams are similar.

  23. Jim says:

    Pats are looking good for the future, “dynasty isn’t over”. Truthfully I don’t like the term dynasty, I think it’s a bit hackneyed, but they are in good shape.

    I don’t think anyone thought they’d make it back to the Super Bowl this year, and they came pretty close. I don’t think the organization expected to make it, why else would they have left so much cap money on the table? I hope they don’t do that this year, that is inexcusable with what they charge for a ticket.

    The D was just worn out in the second half. That’s why we need home field, the Colts had the better record, so they get to pull out all the stops, like cranking up the heat, heh. We should have beat them in the regular season, then the game would have been in Foxboro.

    I’m actually relieved a bit, I hope Manning wins, so everyone can move on and stop trying to get the NFL’s poster boy a title. We won’t have to worry about any more rules changes in the off season, anway. This also let’s all the Patriot haters get it out of their system… maybe. I predict it’s one and done for the Colts.

  24. Dan L. says:

    You won’t hear any complaints from here about the game, Patriots fan or not. If you want to check it out, I tried to touch base on the irony that smacked us in the face as Patriots fans last night.



  25. sjs1959 says:

    Well, in spite of the fact that A) Willie McGinest has never been adequately replaced, B) Rodney Harrison can’t stay healthy for whole season any more, and C) Asante Samuel being the only DB that anyone else in the NFL would want, the Patriots still nearly pulled it off.

    Belichick does NOT need to low-ball Samuel, and they need to seriously rebuild that defense. if Seymour starts to decline, the Jets will pass them in 07.

  26. Mike says:

    alot of teams could win with another minute and half but thats why they have time limits Mcfan, Colts can’t stop anybody….TRUE, but that is no secret, every playoff team they face knew that, the problem is the best defenses in the league….Baltimore, New England x2, Denver, and next Chicago, havent been able to stop them….sucks having your team lose, and Colts fans sure know that feeling but now is their time and you shouldnt make excuses about: refs, NFL conspiricy (blows any credibility you had out of the door when you mention this),

  27. Seahawks Fan says:

    Don’t get me wrong I appreciate what the Patriots have done but the rude, un-grateful, childish and unbecomming attitude towards the NFL, its history and to winners and losing coachs of the past; Patriots coach Bellichick is the worst. The way he acts seems like he can’t handle his business and whimpers like a new born.
    This guy is a piece of **** in my book. Who does he think he is? For me, I felt this way the last 2 years but this year has cemented it; I lost what small amount of respect for this guy I once had. To all the Patriots players, other coaches and fans: You all are great this current coach is the worst.

  28. Dan says:


  29. DjClanc says:

    In all honesty I hope Peyton Manning and the rest of the Colts all perish in a plane crash..not kidding in any way or caring that I sound like a sore looser. The Pats had all the odds against them (short week, flu bug, & NFL wanting Colts in SB) and couldn’t just realize that in the second half with an 18 point lead that they needed to give the ball to “clock killin” Corey Dillon. I would have feed that horse all damn second half. Maroney was obv. overwhelmed by the enormity of this AFC Championship game as was “headlights” Rechee. That is not typical of the three Championship Pats teams the guys who have walked out that door; McGinest and Branch for example were always ready for big games and big situations. The Dynasty however is’nt over seeing how we still have Belichick & Tom Brady the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen and this decade has a couple more SB in it so don’t jump off the Tobin yet!

  30. Wickid Awesome! says:

    Muuuuhhhhhhahhahhahahahah, the Patsies got spanked!!!!!!!!!!! I love Reche Caldwell, dude how could he miss the passes, his eyes are huge! Fear the best team in NFL history, the Steelers.

  31. jhawkjjm says:

    This wasn’t the greatest choke in playoff history. That distinction belongs to the Houston Oilers blowing a 35 point lead to the Buffalo Bills being led by a backup quarterback.

  32. Jack says:

    Peyton is the Dan Marino of this era. He WILL not win in the Super Bowl, nor do i really want him to win

    Lets go Rex Grossman

  33. Josh says:

    Tom Brady was a class act walking off the field and not shaking the hand of the Quarter Back who outplayed him on Sunday Night. Peyton always meets Tom in the middle of the Field win or lose, but Brady is a cry baby who ran for the locker room. What a big man. This just goes to show once againt that Peyton Manning is a bigger man and a better quarter back. I guess I cant expect much since Cry Baby coach Bill would barely acknowledge Peyton Either. Can you say sore losers? At least Teddy B was man enough to come say congrats to Peyton. Actually, he might have been asking for a trade. This dynasty is over. A new one has begun. 20 years from now when Peyton had 2 or 3 superbowl rings and just about every passing record known, People will say Tom who???

  34. BradyIsGod says:


    If you can believe this, I am not a Pats fan but I am a Tom Brady fan, simply because he is this generation’s Joe Montana, although I do give Joe the edge, cause without the injury he would have had two more titles.

    Anyways, Tom like I knew for years, that the Pats are too stuborn, and won’t support Tom in getting another ring. The Pats know Tm and Bill will always get them far in the playoffs, and anyting more…they’ll settl for, because winning in the playoffs gets fans in the seats. And when you don’t pay anyone you can make a HUGE HUGE HUGE profit. How in the world could Pats tix go up 30-40 percent and they don’t pay anyone.

    Hell Tom gave up more money for them two pay players too stay. They could have paid lets see Branch, Randle El, Stokley, Llyod, Bryant,…..and how many other wide receivers better than Reche Caldwell. The guys I named were 2nd class guys, and they choose to pay 3rd rank guys.

    Lets not forget, Tom will be back. Joe Montana didn’t win ALL the TIME, and neither will Tom, the only difference is that Joe’s organization had his back.

  35. BradyIsGod says:

    By the way, I can say that it was poor of Brady to walk off the field, and the previous week of the dance celebrations. Lets not forget they did the same shit against Philly in the Superbowl.

  36. Clint says:

    First of all everyone sits back and makes fun of manning saying he acting like a child when he lost to the Pats in the playoffs just a few seasons ago but now I read these comments and all I hear from MOST Pats fans is ” wha wha wha”. I for one am glad not to watch another Pats vs…. in the superbowl. And to people commenting on “Well if we had Brach we would of won.” If you don’t remember the Colts let go Edgerrin James and had to replace him with a rookie. So don’t throw the loss of players card at the Colts. Manning led comeback drive after comeback drive in the win Sunday and Brady couldn’t do it once in the game. I’m not here to argue with Pats fans but I don’t appreciate reading comments about my home team. This shows that not only your players do not have class (the Chargers game) but your fans don’t have class. Sit back and say all you want nobody is gonna remember the Pats should of won, or got cheated would of won, or even that you didn’t win. All they will remember is that the colts DID win. So sit back Pats fans, watch the SuperBowl, be the bears little cheerleaders, because frankly I can’t wait to read what you write when the Colts win the SuperBowl and Manning i holding up the Vince Lombardi trophy. That you can never take away from the Colts or us fans.

  37. matt says:

    dynasty over?!?!! whaaaat? dude, we have 2 first round picks next year. brady is back, seymour is back, vrabel is back, belichick is back, pioli is back. the youngsters maroney, hobbs, wilfork, warren will all be back. hopefully samuel will be signed. the core of this team is going to be around for years. look at the record of this team since 2001:

    2001 – super bowl champs
    2002 – no playoffs
    2003 – super bowl champs
    2004 – super bowl champs
    2005 – loss in divisional playoffs
    2006 – loss in afc championships

    they have done what they set out to do – be competitive and make a run at the super bowl. they will be back next year even stronger.

  38. james says:

    I was gonna cry about the officiating, then someone mentioned the tuck rule so I didn’t. Then I was gonna cry about the flu but it seemed a pussy-like thing to do. Then I thought Caldwell was my goat but he really helped get us there. So , in conclusion, the Patriots lost to the better team. But, this team lost with more character and good-will to the opponent than you will ever see in any physical team sport. Good luck to Peyton Manning and the Colts. Don’t expect too many chances like this and to all you Patriot haters, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet bitches.

  39. […] Fanblog. Dynasty finished. Either way, I hate to be the negative nelly here, but I think this is the last of the […]

  40. Nurit Hailey says:

    and i don’t know, how to make it bette. Nurit Hailey.

  41. Anti Patriot says:

    Sign up today to vow to not watch any games that the New England Patriots play in since they cheated as much as the ref’s do! Sign The List Today!


  42. Joy says:

    I think that the Patriots are the best team ever and they seem to prove it every week bring it on whoever thinks that they can beat us because we will show you who wants to win and for everyone else that thinks they won’t your living in a fantasy world and we will be number 1 again .


  43. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  44. Raiders4Life says:

    DEFENSE?! Are you nuts?! The offense put up 14 points and you want to blame this on the defense? The only honorable part of this team that’s left?

    How about this: Brady didn’t have the opponents gameplan, signals, calls & strategy so he had to actually play QB for the first time in his NFL career? No more shooting fish in a barrel, the Giants changed EVERYTHING prior to going to Glendale, and they did the bulk of their installation (over 3x the normal amount of plays) prior to boarding the plane? Didn’t you see them playing cards all week? That’s because they didn’t give the Pats a chance to eavesdrop and what happened? Brady was as ineffective as a limp noodle at an orgie. Matter of fact, that’s just about what he is. 6th round nobody that cheated his way into the limelight…when he actually had to play he didn’t have it in him. All of his experience was staged, due to the cheating nature of this franchise – he didn’t learn near what he should have – And it showed.

    This may have well been his first legitimate game in the NFL, and guess what? He didn’t already KNOW what to do so he got crushed on every dropback. Welcome to the NFL rookie.

  45. JGMoney says:

    I fuckin knew it, I fuckin knew it!!! I knew the cheatin bitch patsies wouldn’t win the damn super bowl! And Belicheat made a total ass of himself by leaving the field early. Seriously, he is a damn bitch. That bastard Brady really fucked up in the game. It’s a wonder he didn’t shit his pants on that last sack lol. No more talk about Brady being the best ever. It’s so great to be Colts/Giants fan right lol. This dynasty is now unquestionably over! To all you shithead patriot fans, kiss my fucking ass!!

    Colts forever

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