Some Thursday Links

What’s going on people. I gathered up some links to some of the more interesting columns from around the net concerning the Pats/Colts game Sunday.

– ESPNs John Clayton take a look at what will be “The Classic Championship Game

– The Heralds Steve Buckley takes a look at Dwight Freeneys unusual “hatred” of the Patriots.

– The Globes Jackie MacMullan says that the Patriots cocky 23 year old corner Ellis Hobbs is likely to be a target this Sunday, for a number of reasons. But that Hobbs LIKES “Being up to his neck in it

– The Herlds John Tomase writes about how Bill Polian is picking up where LT left off, at least as far as crying goes anyway.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow when we’ll make our official Game Picks, and probably have some other goodies for you as well. As always feel free to get the forums running with some game talk until then.

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