Closing the Book on S.D.

In his last post Jeff asked whether I had any thoughts to share on this San Diego post game flap. Well no I don’t. We’ve REALLY got to move on. Move past the Chargers and set our sights on to Indy and the Colts. A Colts team that has beaten the Pats thier last two times out, and a team that honestly worries me more than the Chargers did, no joke. The AFC championship is at stake against our most heated rivals!

……..that being said the Chargers, and LaDainian “I’m a classy guy” Tomlinson in particular WILL NOT shut up. So here’s a video I found of a baby doing the “Steroid Lights Out Dance”. I thought it appropriate considering all the crying coming out of San Diego

So now as Jeff suggested we move our focus for the rest of the week onto the AFC Championship game and the Colts! ……unless one of the Chargers decides to open thier mouth again.


4 Responses to Closing the Book on S.D.

  1. Silveradohd59 says:

    Carefull, you’ll have Merriman and LT at that kids door saying they have no class for mocking them. This week brings on another challenge the Colts who are playiing well, The Patriots have played awesome on the road this year and I look forward to another exciting game, football is alive at least for one more week.

  2. Andrews says:

    LT: I wasn’t gonna let that kid do the dance that Shawne Merriman is known for. That’s something you just don’t do. No class, I don’t know, maybe he gets it from his mom, I don’t know.

  3. Rick says:

    Sorry, but the Pats dance on the Charger’s field before the end of the game was not only classless, but showed they have no honor for the sport. After the Colts game, looks like karma is a bitch. Now who’s crying? The Pats have to live with allowing the greatest comeback ever in playoffs. Good luck with that.

  4. Lu says:


    It is still used by hospitals and pharmacies for medical reasons,

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