The Game That Was

Big win for the Pats lastnight. Looking to get some perspective on it I searched out some of the better columns around the net.

ESPNs John Clayton writes that the Patriots taught Chargers a lesson in playoff football.

The Heralds Michael Felger says that the Patriots victory was so very typical.

The Globes Bob Ryan explain that “In Tom They Trust”

Ron Borges of the Globe can’t think of anything bad to say, so instead he writes a pretty positive piece about how “There won’t be a parade in San Diego until the Fourth of July”.

While watching it the Heralds John Tomase couldn’t help asking “How the heck are the Patriots still in this game?”

Dan Shaughnessy of the Globe writes that the Patriots are “Flying High”

Be sure to check back in all this week for updates leading up to the big showdown in Indy. We’ll be updating the injury situation for the Pats (Harrison, Wilfork). Previewing the AFC title game. And bringing you all the news tid-bits from around the sports world concerning the Pats.


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