Sore Loser

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“I would never react in that way. I was very upset,” Tomlinson said. “When you go to the middle of our field and start doing the dance Shawne Merriman is known for, that is disrespectful. They showed no class and maybe that comes from the head coach.”

Moments after the Chargers failed to advance to the AFC title game against the Patriots, the league MVP, known universally as a good guy, decided to change the way people felt about him. A Patriots player started doing the Shawne Merriman celebration in the middle of the field, obviously to mock Merriman and the Chargers after their big loss. This irked LT to the point where he started to charge after the guy, and then made the above comments after the game.

Let’s first talk about the act itself. How is mocking your opponents stupid celebration any worse than the act itself? Does Shawne Merriman show the utmost class and sophistication when he has a seizure after every sack? When a guy gets a first down and then dramatically signals he has a first down, is that only something an upstanding guy does? If LT wants to play the holier than thou card, he should’ve been calling out Merriman on week 1.

You will hear comparisons to the TO touchdown celebration on the Dallas star a few years ago. It’s not even close. Let me acknowledge that I for one LOVED the TO celebration on the Dallas star. Call me a jerk for enjoying these personal jabs to ignite an already heated rivalry. Maybe it’s because I’m enthralled in the Yankees-Red Sox thing, but I can’t help but enjoy side shows to the main event. It’s all great theater. But apples to apples, it’s not the same as the TO celebration. If anything, Merriman’s sack dance is more alike, because it all happens during the game. At least the Patriots waited until the end, after they knew it was over, to put an exclamation at the end of such a statement.

What’s the point of all these dances and stuff, anyway? To me, it’s all just self promotion, and I think that’s where the Patriots are okay for mocking Merriman. How does his dance make the Chargers a better team? The Pats were right in saying essentially, “We just beat you and we’re going to celebrate just like you do.” Don’t forget, the Patriots were the underdog. Merriman also “guaranteed” victory, although I don’t buy it. On top of that, Pats fans couldn’t buy a seat in the stadium for fear of taking over. If anything, the Patriots were disrespected all week. So they went out and kicked some ass and LT and the rest of the pantloads are crying foul over their mocking dance. Give me a break.

LT is one of those guys you want to root for. Whenever he plays, he plays well. And to top it off, he doesn’t do those celebrations or run off at the mouth or anything like that. To my knowledge, he doesn’t have a criminal record and hasn’t been caught cheating with an illegal substance (cough cough MERRIMAN). That all sounds great to me, but then he goes and says something like this, making himself look like a fool in the process. In the end he sounds like an idiot and tarnishes his reputation as “one of the good guys.” Part of me thinks this was a manufactured reaction, though. Almost like LT was fed his thoughts on the subject.

Who would’ve equated the coach of the Patriots to be responsible for his players doing that taunt? I’d like to know since when has BB earned this reputation of being a no class coach. Am I missing something? Abrasive, maybe, but classless, as LT likes to pin on him? No, I don’t think so. He never runs the score up on anyone, nor does he trash any opponents. But LT comes out with that final statement, placing some of the blame on BB. Where does that come from? My guess is that is someone else’s sentiments, aka Marty Schottenheimer, and not of LT’s. Perhaps the jealousy of Marty has gotten in the way of reality for him, and he can only whine and complain because his record is now 5-13, not 13-2 like BB. I can’t think of any other reason he’d make such a statement, but whatever.

In the end all that matters is next week the Patriots are playing the Colts and not the Chargers. Dance, seizure, Antoine wiggle or whatever the hell it was, and any other celebration that’s out there today, none of them mean anything when it comes to the game. Get over it, because this is the new NFL, and it’s here to stay.

We’ll have more posts on the game and will start to put some stuff up for the Colts game. Thanks for visiting and keep checking us out here at Go Pats!


4 Responses to Sore Loser

  1. phil says:

    I don’t know if you can say, “He never runs the score up on anyone”. The game against the Titans when the Pats had it well in hand Bill let Testaverde run it up. Granted there were record book implications, but it’s still running up the score.

    As for celebrating after the game… I think it’s worse than celebrating in game. It opens you up to the criticism that you are rubbing salt in the wounds.

    I agree with you in general on the celebrating though. It’s almost always moronic and self-serving. Then again, Brady’s first down motion after juking Urlacher is one of my favorite moments of the year.

    I think LT was just smarting from the loss. It weren’t polite to do the dance. But LT should just buck up and realize the Chargers didn’t play well enough to win. That’s the important point.

  2. Jeff says:

    True enough. Although I believe, as you said, the Titans thing was strictly for Testaverde’s sake. Jeff Fisher or any other coach would’ve done the same thing and thought nothing of it. That was kosher, in my book.

    Mostly I agree with you, though. Moments like Brady’s add another element to the game, which is where all sports are going. Like it or not, the games are becoming sports entertainment, and this is part of it.

    LT needs to deal with the fact that his team came up short and suffer the consequences. Is it not right to celebrate after winning the Super Bowl?

  3. boston pats fan says:

    I wish i could agree with you but there is NEVER any room for a 3-time SB champ team to act bush league. we have a rep to keep up. also, the game was NOT over; there were 3 secs left. this was a personal foul penalty on top of everything else. that’s nothing to be proud of. there is no act more bitter to the enemy than contemptuous silence.

  4. Silveradohd59 says:

    Nice blog, I disagree with boston pats fan, it wasn’t bush league and why can’t the Patriots finally let their hair down and celebrate? they earned it yesterday, they hung in there and didn’t give up, cudos to the defense and awesome job, Brady did not have a great game but came through when it counted, now they can prepare for the Colts and what’s in our favor? Brady will certainly play better, and we should see more Dillion and Maroney.

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