Photo Courtesy Boston.com

What a game!!!

So many storylines in this game. Marty Schottenheimer continues to prove what a terrible pressure coach he is. Stephen Goskowski (sp?) gave us a little bit of hope that we really won’t need Adam Vinatieri anymore. And finally, and most importantly, Tom Brady showed that even though he had a pretty bad game, he came through when he needed to, and they perservered for the win.

I’m a very superstitious person when it comes to the Patriots. I don’t speak of things for fear of jinxing them. It’s retarded, but it’s how I roll, broseph. That is the exact reason why I didn’t even mention him and his horrible coaching skills. Who in the world goes for it on fourth and 11 when you can kick the easy field goal in the FIRST QUARTER? Give me a break. That has to be one of the dumbest decisions I’ve seen.

Letting Vinatieri go this past offseason was what I thought to be another horrible decision, but the kicker (I will refer to him as kicker because I can’t spell his name) really showed that Vinatieri wasn’t worth as much as he wanted. That was the big question mark for the Pats this year, and so far it looks like their decision to go young is paying off. We’ll see, as they have another game to play this Sunday.

This game really showed me something about the team. I was thoroughly impressed how they were able to stick around and eventually come out on top when most times they clearly didn’t have momentum. That is what you need from a team in the playoffs. These guys are battle tested, gritty, and survivors. They will fight you to the very end. That’s a big reason why I’m feeling positive about the AFC title game.

We will have plenty of info this week for you leading up to the game against Indy. Keep checking back for updates all week long and enjoy this victory. Go Pats!



  1. Michael says:

    We have a chance baby!!!

  2. jt says:

    Shut Up L.T. you lost.

    If you don’t want the Pats cellebrating on your field, don’t loose.

  3. Superfan #99 says:

    Crying is for players that play their hearts out and lose.
    Whinning is for babies that complain about what they could have done or what shouldn’t have happened.

    If L.T. didn’t want to cry then he should have won, but don’t be a baby!!!

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