It’s Indy!

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As usual, Adam Vinatieri propels a team into the AFC Championship, hitting five field goals in a win over the Baltimore Ravens this evening. As expected, Baltimore didn’t give up much, but in the end their still anemic offense couldn’t put any points up against an Indy defense that is vastly overrated (and it’s considered a bad one, too). So now, once again, the Indianapolis Colts are in the Conference championship, and are looking to finally punch their ticket to a Super Bowl.

I can’t really say I’m surprised. As much as I hate the Colts, they’ve been able to do just enough to win all year. And as disappointed in the Ravens as I am, their offense still sucks, and it will continue so long as they don’t have any weapons. Jamal Lewis isn’t a weapon anymore, folks. He’s just a criminal, quite frankly.

So now tomorrow will decide Indy’s opponent, and I for one will really enjoy the storylines coming out of it. On one hand, you have the Patriots, who already have a Yankees-Red Sox like rivalry with the Colts. But on the other hand, you have the Chargers, who stopped the Colts legitimate run at a perfect season last year. Both teams would be entertaining to see against them, but you know who I’m rooting for.

Enjoy tonight’s Saints/Eagles game. I’m going to say the Eagles will win, because they have the momentum.


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