Harrison Out, Injury Report, Merriman DOES NOT predict victory

As most of  us expected although we hoped otherwise, Harrison will indeed miss this weekend’s game. He is one of eight on the Patriots Injury Report. The others include:

Brady (Right Shoulder) – Probable
Bam Childress (Ankle) – Questionable
Heath Evans (Shin) – Questionable
Benjamin Watson (Knee) – Questionable
Ellis Hobbs (Wrist) – Probable
Richard Seymour (Elbow) – Probable
Mike Vrabel (Back) – Probable

For the Chargers, only four guys made the list:

Jacques Cesaire (Knee) – Doubtful
Derreck Robinson (Foot) – Questionable
Luis Castillo (Ankle) – Probable
Bhawoh Jue (Knee) – Probable

This article in the Globe talks about Shawne Merriman predicting victory for the Chargers this weekend. I don’t know.. I read the quote and to me it’s just him hoping for whatever it takes to win. Listen to this:

When asked during a conference call with the New England media today if he had any prognostications for the Chargers-Patriots matchup, the NFL’s sack leader responded:

“To come out with a ‘W.’ That’s it. One point we win, a field goal, a safety, anything we get. One point we win. But obviously we want to come in and play 60 minutes of football and that’s it.”

Does that sound like a guarantee of a victory? I kinda think he doesn’t even know what prognostications means. Oh well. Either way, the Patriots will take it as motivation, because if anything, they are good at taking very little and making it motivation.

Merriman also talks about the steroid scandal, the Chargers, and his favorite meatloaf recipe.

Read this great column from Michael Smith on ESPN.com. Great read.

Predictions post tomorrow. Go Pats!


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