Pioli Update Among Other Tidbits

We all want to enjoy that moment again. Belichick displayed proper swim move technique there in getting that Cameraman out of the way.

In a statement released yesterday from the Patriots, Scott Pioli squashed rumors of leaving the Pats to join the Giants.

“I am very honored to be granted the opportunity to discuss a potential position with the New York Giants. I have tremendous respect for the Kraft family, the Mara family, the Tisch family and the Giants organization. After careful consideration, and for personal reasons, I am continuing in my current role with the New England Patriots.”

There are three directions we can go with this:

1) Pioli is telling the truth, and he will in fact stay with the team.
2) Pioli wants to go but doesn’t want to create a distraction, therefore he’s pulling a Nick Saban.
3) I had a third but I just can’t remember it now. Maybe later in the column it’ll come to me.

I’m hoping it’s number one. I was talking with a good Patriots source yesterday (my dad), and he indicates if Pioli was to go, it would be a package deal involving BB as well. This is all very curious because rumor has it BB is in the last year of his current deal. After this season, he potentially can go anywhere he wants. Very strange for Kraft not to sew this up before coming to this point.

I don’t really want to spend a ton of time speculating on stuff like this, especially when there is an important playoff game coming up this weekend, but I needed to at least address it. More will be made of this after the season is over, which hopefully will happen after a trip to Miami for some hardware.

I also just read a story about the Blues Traveler lead singer and a Pats Cheerleader. Apparently, he’s been dating Kristen O’Neil, 24 year old beauty from NH. Honestly, I’m shocked, but at least it proves hot girls will date anyone who has money.

A lack of bulletin board material from San Diego, unfortunately. I checked out a couple sites and no one’s really boasting or bragging, claiming they will destroy the Pats. They’re acting too Patriot like. We do have this story coming out of SoCal. They talk about Schottenheimer’s ineptitude in the playoffs and how they feel this could be the breakthrough season for both team and coach. We’ll see. I’m still not convinced.

More on this matchup throughout the week including a week-end predictions post. Look for that and more all week here at PatriotsFanBlog. Go Pats!


2 Responses to Pioli Update Among Other Tidbits

  1. Superfan#99 says:

    That’s a great video.
    Maybe the Pats will sign Bill B. as an LB when Tedy retires.

  2. Phil says:

    People need to lay off of Bill B. Media people are a pain in the ass in situations like this…

    World’s biggest bad ass

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