Jets Grounded; Pats Book Ticket to San Diego With 37-16 Win


What? What? Did you think it would be close?

Actually, it was close. Close up until Big Vince made the biggest play of the game. Argue all you want about the Samuel pick, which was great. I’m telling you, though, the game changer was the Wilfork fumble recovery. The fact the Jets didn’t really stay sharp after that indicated it was a big letdown for them.

The big disappointment for me was the stupid penalties. Once again the Patriots can’t seem to sew that up. I know they want to play more physical in the playoffs, but my god, you can’t kill yourself. Even Bruschi got a call for a late hit. That’s just dumb football. Fortunately none of these issues killed the team, but they may not be so lucky next week.

ESPN’s recap of today’s Pats game.

Boston Globe’s take on the game.

Herald reports on the 37-16 win.

All in all a great win. More stories will be out about this game tomorrow and one of us here will skim them and post a recap, but enjoy the victory and prepare for one of the most overrated coaches in the league, Marty Schottenheimer. I’ll have something about him this week, so stay tuned for that.

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Go Pats!


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