It’s Showtime! SHOW-TIME!


Patriots vs. Jets Official Game Thread

Yes, that was a Rocky reference. I try to fit one in whenever I write something. Game previews, columns, deposite slips at the bank, wherever. Anyway, onto the bidnass at hand. I gathered up some of the more relevent links from around the net concerning the Patriots/Jets game, some more interesting than others mind you. Enjoy.

ESPN Pats/Jets Preview – Pretty good coverage, full page, several articles.

Michael Felger Checks in before the game – Some people hate Felger, some love him, but he’s a great Patriots writer.

Yahoo Preview – Pretty generic game preview, wouldn’t waste your time………….even though I did.

Mike Reiss Boston Globe Pats Blog – Not HEAVY on content but updated fairly often with breaking info.

The ProJo Pats Blog – Updating as the game nears.

As always check back in after, or during the game for some discussion on the goings on. Feel free to use the comments section or forum to get your voice and opinions out.

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2 Responses to It’s Showtime! SHOW-TIME!

  1. charger lover says:

    hey all i got to say to the patriots is lights out do u peopleseriosly yhink u can beat the chargers yearight who does the patriots have that is acuttaly know tom brady thata it u people only have 2 probowlers guess what we have 9 see u on sunday

  2. Andrews says:

    Do YOU even understand what you just said?

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