Colts Run Away While the Seahawks Barely Escape and Other News…

The Playoffs began yesterday with the worst two games to watch. Not that either of them were bad games, but the matchups left something to be desired. In any event, the Colts and Chiefs entered the Kumate of Professional Football first thing yesterday and the Colts roundhouse kicked their way to a 23-8 Victory. Peyton didn’t play all that well, but the story to this game was how well the Colts run defense played. Let me just throw this out there before everyone goes crazy about this: The Colts run defense is still pathetic. If there’s a worse coach than Tony Dungy in the NFL, it’s the guy he just whooped. Somehow, he couldn’t find a way to get his offense rolling against the weakness of the Colts. The Colts D didn’t just outperform the Chiefs yesterday. The Chiefs MADE them better by sucking so badly. Watch next week when the Colts play someone for real.

Somehow, some freaking way, the Seahawks managed to pull one out against the Cowboys and steal the game from them. 21-20 was the score, and I have to say I’m quite disappointed. For those of you who missed it, it came down to a field goal attempt with 1:19 to play. Romo fumbled the snap and tried to run it in but was tripped up at the 2 yard line by Jordan Babineaux, the Seahawks DB. Romo’s maligned attempt at glory put the Seahawks into the second round and the Cowboys faithful in an offseason of Tuna retirement talks. Enjoy!

Today’s games are clearly the best of the weekend. Obviously, the Pats play the Jets at 1pm this afternoon and that will be followed by the Giants and Eagles at 4:30pm. Rumor has it, to diffuse speculation of bad blood between himself and Eric Mangini, coach Belichick has planned a rendezvous with Mangini on the 40 yard line right after the game. Complete with a main course of stuffed chicken breast, the finest red wine, and strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce, BB hopes to show to the media that the relationship with he and Mangini is “just fine and dandy.” Whether the affair will be accompanied by candlelight or not is still in question, but sources indicate Mangini has booked a Mariachi band. More on this as it develops.


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