Ty Warren named AFC Defensive Player of the Month; Year End Awards

Ty Warren had a big December this season, racking up 43 tackles, 27 on his own. Such a successful month has gained Warren notoriety nationally as he’s been recognized by the NFL as the AFC Defensive Player of the Month. You can read his comments here on the Patriots official site.

 I think this is good for Ty, as he’s been a huge component to the Patriots line. This year particularly, he’s seen more opportunities and has really come through. His being named Defensive Player of the Month is just more evidence of how solid the Patriots D-Line is.

Simultaneously, some of the NFL awards have been handed out. As expected, LaDanian Tomlinson won the MVP, which makes the most sense. The guy is truly an unbelievable running back. He broke the single season TD record and is the odds on favorite to inherit the Madden curse in 2007. Vegas gives him 3:1 odds on suffering a Torn ACL ligament, but the most popular bet is the 10000:1 longshot of being eaten by sharks.

Jason Taylor has been named NFL Defensive Player of the Year, which I think he rightfully deserves. I hope he pulls a Seau retirement, and decides to graduate to the Patriots. But I hope he doesn’t then break his arm, ending his season.

Chad Pennington won Comeback Player of the Year, but was then lost for the playoffs after tearing his rotator cuff while accepting the trophy.*

 Vince Young and DeMeco Ryans are your Rookies of the Year. There’s really nothing funny to say about this, except state the obvious: The Texans passed up on (with their first pick) both ROY. And how much worse is it that their second rounder, who plays on the same side of the ball, outperformed their pricey #1 pick? They could’ve had both Young and Ryans, and perhaps a chance for success. Instead, they are the AFC’s version of the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, Texans!

* Patriots Fan Blog can neither confirm nor deny the reports of Chad Pennington suffering a torn rotator cuff injury after accepting his award. Please treat this information as speculation.


2 Responses to Ty Warren named AFC Defensive Player of the Month; Year End Awards

  1. Superfan#99 says:

    At least Chad was wearing his helmet, unlike unlucky Ben. This speaks well of his judgement and decision making skills. I think we will see a lot more of this young man next year. GO STEELERS!!

  2. Andrews says:

    I think you’re on to something here. One of the Pats should go up to Chad before the game on Sunday and give him a high five, tearing his rotator cuff to pieces.

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