Won’t. Happen. Again.

Brady at end of Jets Game
Tom and the Patriots settle the score this Sunday against Gang Green, and the punk smirking as Brady pulls himself up from the ground. That has to be the most annoying thing. Does anyone know who that guy is in the jumpsuit? First of all, he clearly had NO impact on the game that day, so for him to taunt is rediculous. Secondly, he’s staring at a modern day legend, and that’s not me being a fan boy, that’s just the truth. The guy’s won two Super Bowl MVP’s and three rings in four years. That kid might’ve won the Jets’ “Who looks gayer in a jump suit” contest, but not much else. He doesn’t even live on the same planet. Ok, he really does, but as for talent, it’s not even close.

I’ll give you five good reasons why the Patriots will win this Sunday. And you will all see this pan out as brilliantly as I’ve posted them on here.

  1. Coaching– There is no way BB is outcoached in this one. Belichick is a master disguiser (as well as a master debater), and the gameplan he’ll have ready for the Jets will show to all that Mangini is nowhere close to his level. True, it takes execution by the players to make it all happen, but that leads me to my next point…
  2. Tom Terrific- Anytime you have a guy like Tom Brady, you’re already in the game. When’s the last time the Patriots played a game with Tom Brady behind center and you weren’t even 60% confident they were going to win. Not that they could just compete, but win! I even remember back in ’01 there really wasn’t a game I wasn’t confident in his abilities. It’s just that simple. When Tom is healthy, he’ll beat anyone at any time. And we’re talking about the Jets for chrissakes. Overacheivers at best, and outmatched in this game.
  3. Experience- Mangini is a rookie coach who is in his first playoff game as such. Chad Pennington is 2-2 in playoff games, both wins coming in the Wild Card. Chad had some great games in the playoffs too, but he also had a running game. On the flip side, Bill Belichick is an unbelievable 11-2 in the Playoffs, best ever. Brady, 10-1 in just the last five years. If the Pats lack experience anywhere, it’s on offense, but when you revolve around Brady, that defeciency gets overlooked. It’s pretty simple: When the season is on the line, you bet on the Patriots.
  4. A Belichick team hasn’t lost to the same team twice in one season in forever- Well, it did happen last year with the Broncos, but that’s the Broncos. I think Jesus could coach the team and they would still have the Pats number. For whatever reason, the team from Denver almost always beats the team from New England. Aside from that anomaly, no one else comes close. Bill Belichick knows what to expect the second time around and I would expect a much cleaner, more precise gameplan this time.
  5. I searched for Eric Mangini pictures on Yahoo and found this gem.

If that doesn’t count for something, then I don’t know what does.

So there you have it. I expect the Patriots to mop this team up on Sunday. Kudos to Mangini for providing some spark to the Jets, and rolling the dice on Pennington and having it work. But at the end of the day, I think this Patriots team will come out victorious.

Unless Mike pulls a Saddam on me and hangs me before dawn, I expect to be your new site owner. I’m going to try some different things that you’re not used to here, such as this post, but I will also post some serious stuff, like some of the news and notes you’ve seen before. I’m very excited to be running this site and look forward to helping it grow. As always, if you feel you could contribute, drop me a line at firstclassjo@hotmail.com . In the meantime, enjoy more posts in the future and contribute on the forum. Go Pats!


7 Responses to Won’t. Happen. Again.

  1. Stan says:

    dat was a terrible article………………………………………………………

    disgusting, how bout you just stay serious, eliminate that crappy other element. THATS NOT FUNNY!!!

    I’m here for the Patriots, not this stuff. Take a writing class new guy, and leave dis blog along… michael, ricky, and the other guys know how 2 run a serious blog, not you!

  2. Jeff says:

    I appreciate your opinion, Stan. I agree, the quality wasn’t where I’d like it to be, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been writing consistently. I have to argue with you about staying serious, because you can find news, notes, and serious opinions anywhere. Search Patriots and you’ll find a thousand different opinions. So what seperates us from them?

    My goal is to make this site an entity, and by posting the same stuff everyone else has on their site doesn’t make us unique. Thank you for the criticism, but I ask you to sit tight and watch the progression, because I think in the end you’ll enjoy what you see.

  3. darocking pats says:

    i agree with stan in some senses. that picture can be offensive and has nothing to do with the pats. id like to see a unique element like u said jeff, but i dont like the one u got here, work on it, but being offensive isnt the way it should be. to own a blog u need 2 b conscience of what u are posting, which you obviously weren’t. uniqueness is giving the people your thoughts and stuff, not messing around making offensive gestures like u have here


  4. Paul says:

    does anyone know when the will-call window opens on sunday?

  5. the danner says:


    I really see where these people are coming from with their complaints. The writing was pretty good, and it should improve with time. The picture however, was offensive and innapropriate. When I think unique I think of rumors before anyone else gets them, your own analysis and commentary, and cool little features. Jokes would be great, but that Mangini thing just went too far. Good luck running the blog,

    The Danner

  6. Superfan#99 says:

    I love the comments.

  7. Michael says:

    Even though many of you think the picture is inappropriate, it’s Jeff’s decision to remove it or not.

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