Patriots Games Inactives, Notes

Greg from PatsBlog:

Harrison, Rodney S Out Shoulder Missed Portion
Alexander, Eric LB Out Shoulder Missed Portion
Baker, Rashad S Out Thigh
Davis, Don LB Out – IR Knee Injured Reserve 
Jackson, Chad WR Out Groin Missed Portion
Maroney, Laurence RB Out Back Missed Portion
O’Callaghan, Ryan T Out Neck Missed Portion

As you probably noticed, Don Davis has been placed on injured reserve.  With the roster spots (2 now), the Patriots resigned WR Kelvin Kight and CB Antwain Spann from the Practice squad.  This is rather surprising, I would expect Bam Childress to be signed from the practice squad if any receiver.  The biggest news is probably that Maroney will be out of the game.  Good news though, Ellis Hobbs will likely play as he is still listed as questionable (game-time decision.) 


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