Week 13 – AFC playoff seeding

Here’s what it looks like.

1. Indianapolis Colts : 10-2 overall / 7-1 conference

2. San Diego Chargers : 10-2 overall / 8-2 conference

3. Baltimore Ravens : 9-3 overall / 6-2 conference

4. New England Patriots : 9-3 overall / 5-3 conference

5. Denver Broncos : 7-4 overall / 7-3 conference

6. Cincinatti Bengals : 7-5 overall / 5-3 conference

Denver is playing the Seahawks tonight which is a win – win situation for us, if Denver loses we might miss them in the playoffs, and if the Seahawks lose we could get a better draft pick.

After every game I’ll do this from now on, as you can see that lose to the Jets is killing us. We’d be sitting where San Diego is.

Playoff Matchups
First round :

(6) Cincinatti Bengals @ (3) Baltimore Ravens
– If Bengals would win they’d play at Indianapolis
– If Ravens would win they’d play at San Diego

(5) Denver Broncos @ (4) New England Patriots
– If Broncos would win they’d play either @ Indianapolis or San Diego
– If Patriots would win they’d play either @ Indianapols or San Diego

What needs to happen (Pats view)
For us to get the bye, this is what needs to happen. I’ll try to make it very simple.

San Diego Chargers (remaining schedule)
Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals

– The Chargers would need to lose two of these games which would make them 12-4. The Patriots would need to win out, which would make them 13-3.

– If the Chargers lose one more game, 13-3, and the Baltimore Ravens win everyone of there remaining games, they get the 2nd seed.

Baltimore Ravens (remaining schedule)
Kansas City
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Buffalo Bills

– If the Ravens lose one game, and if either the Chargers or Patriots win out the Ravens will be out of the hunt of the 2nd seed.

– The Patriots need the Ravens to lose one game, and they win to jump ahead of them.

New England Patriots (remaining schedule)
Miami Dolphins
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans

– Quite simple, the Patriots must win these last four games and hope the Chargers lose two and the Ravens lose one.


One Response to Week 13 – AFC playoff seeding

  1. NE has a good chance to make it to the Super Bowl. Who do you think they will play for the AFC champ?

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