Mike Vrabel Back to LB

Mike Vrabel is moving back to linebacker ( wear he played last season) from OLB spot, due to the injury that Junior Seau injury against the Bears. I don’t believe it will make that big of a difference since Vrabel has experience at the position, and even though he mentioned he was rusty the few plays he played last game. The other good thing is the Patriots have an easy schedule coming up, so doubt this will make a much of an impact the rest of the season.

2 Responses to Mike Vrabel Back to LB

  1. Greg says:

    Well it won’t make a difference in the regular season, but come playoff time it will. And a little correction, Mike Vrabel has played linebacker his whole carreer (except a little DE early on), hes just moving inside again from the outside, both are considered linebacker positions 🙂

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