Brady’s Month

This month equals Tom Brady’s month. Brady is 18-3 over all in the month of December. We only hope he continues with season with a playoff bye staring at us. This is from the boston Herald…

“If we play our best game, we have confidence that we can beat anybody,” Brady said. “At the same time, we really haven’t played a great game for four quarters all season. We’ve had moments of very good football and a lot of positive things, but to carry it over for four quarters has been a challenge for this team. That is not to say we can’t get there.”

Sundays game against Detroit may just be the game we need to prove that we are still an elite team, even though Detroit is no wear near a top team. Brady has only played the Lions once with a 210 yard game.

“Coach Belichick said last week to us, ‘Guys, every team is in it,’ ” Brady said. “Anyone who is in reach of (the playoffs) has a great opportunity because you can really turn your season around this time of year. This is when teams really are who they are. Your best traits usually come forward and so do your weak points.“You just hope as a team you’re continuing to elevate rather than level off. So the teams who are elevating, who are on the rise, those are dangerous teams, just like Pittsburgh last year or like we’ve done in the past, the teams who are playing well are the teams to beat.”

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