Pats vs Bears, Preview

The Patriots are the most prestigious franchise in the NFL, period.  They have the coaches, the personell, the players, and the attitude to win it all every year.  That’s why the expectations are so high.  Back in 2001, the Pats could lose a game, and we would look at it as, ”well we gave it a good try…”  But this is not the case 3 suberbowl and 4 AFC East division crowns later, as now every play, every move, every action is scrutenized.  So now and again, a game like the Denver or Indy game of this year comes up.  We lose, and it seems like the entire world goes into shock.  ESPN analysts argue about how the Patriots are no longer an elite team.  Then, the next week, we humiliate a team, often infront of their home crowd, and then suddenly, according to Sean Salisbury and the rest of the crew, we’re super again.

This week against the Bears and their menacing defense is a chance to erase all of the rumors of our collapse, and once again prove that we are the elite of the elite.  Playing a menacing Bears defense, the offense will need to connect on all cylinders, and create a dual threat offense.  Corey Dillon is going to need to show up to today’s game if we’re going to win.  The Patriots will need to run a grind it out offense, and hopefully our o-line woes won’t haunt us. 

Defensively, we need to keep up the intensity.  Our linebackers are playing like they’re 25 and our defensive line with the big 3 is dominating every opponent offensive line.  With Harrison and Wilson still out, we could be in some trouble in the defensive backfield.  Last week, Ellis Hobbs was “the last man standing” from our starting defensive backfield from the beginning of the season (and he even missed some time with injuries).  Despite these woes, veteran cornerback Chad Scott has brought rejuvination to this squad.  You haven’t heard of him much? That’s because he’s doing his job.

I am truly confused on why the Patriots are 2-3 at home.  Hopefully this week, we can get going at home, and the crowd can once again become the 12th man.  If Hoody, Tom, and co. can get going early, I see us blowing away with this one.

From: patsblog


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  1. Greg says:

    Written by Greg at

  2. ricky says:

    Nice work Greg, I will be coming up with my own preview later today.

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