Draft profile – Brian Leonard

Name – Brian Leonard

Position – FB

Height – 6-2

Weight – 235

College – Rutgers

Age – 22

Potential – C (What you see if what you get)

Positives – Look at how Ray Rice is doing, enough said. That’s all Leonard. While he is a great run blocker and he can get out of the back field and catch with the best of them, Larry Centers like when it comes to the passing game. Good tough runner, will run you over if you get in his way. Tough leader, who only wants to win. Major experience at Rutgers, playing all four years and doing well. As a FB he could also run by you, as a RB he can plow you over. If this kid gets in the right offense he’ll be solid for many years.

Negatives – Is he a RB or FB? That’s the big problem. And that’ll cause his stock to drop a little. If Brian plays RB he’ll be too slow for the position, and if he plays FB he’ll need to get much bigger, maybe around the 250 range. Don’t be shocked to see him moved to a TE position.

Rating – 3.6

Projected draft position – 3rd-4th round


One Response to Draft profile – Brian Leonard

  1. Clark says:

    Brian Leonard=day 1 draft pick. He will run a sub 4.5 in the combine.

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