Welcome Vinny

Welcome to Patriot country Vinny! Belichick has reunited with his former quarterback when they both were with the Browns. Testaverde now at the age of 43, and is among one of the oldest active players in NFL history, with the oldest being Raiders ex quarterback and kicker George Blanda who played till the age of 48. But most people know about Vinny’s history so lets move on to about some reasons why we got Vinny.

According the Patriots they signed Testaverde so they will have more experience to backup Brady if he gets injured. But may that just be half they truth, and I am still wondering if it is. Maybe there is something wrong with Brady, his hole swagger has been bad for the most part this year, an his play is below the Tom Brady expectation. If that is the case, it may be a emotional or physical problem, i’m just throwing out some ideas on the matter. At least now Brady will not have to throw as much during practice with the addition of Vinny. And if something does happen to Brady I believe that Vinny would be better backup then Matt Cassel, lets see if anymore news will come out of this. Or maybe I am just over hyping the matter.


2 Responses to Welcome Vinny

  1. haha….Vinny Testaverde?!?!

    Cmon man, you should have realized just how washed up he is when he got benched for Brooks Bollinger last season.

  2. Michael says:

    haha never said he was good, just may be more experience this season if something happend to Tommy boy.

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