Maroney Vs Dillon

One of the biggest questions coming into this season was how effective the Dillon an Maroney combo would be. As we know Dillon is the Bruiser an Maroney is the speedster, so going into week seven with a 6-3 record how are the two comparing? It’s tough to compare them, as Dillon is a super bowl champion, an Maroney is just a rookie. But so far Maroney has some what lived up to the hype.

After nine games, Maroney has had ten more carries then Dillon, who was worried at the beginning of the season about the amount touches he would get an the loss of respect for him. Maroney has sixteen total more yards then Dillon, which is not a shocker due to more touches. Dillon has been the slightly more consistent man when he touches the ball, as he averages .2 more yards a carry (about equal.) One of the more surprising facts is that Dillon has had the biggest play out of the two, I would of thought the speedster would have broken more of a huge plays. Dillon has had three more touchdowns then Maroney which is also not surprising due to he gets most of the red-zone touches.

So comparing the two as I mentioned is quiet difficult. Their both averaging about the same in almost all the categories. But I’m highly impressed with Maroney so far this season, an believe he will be a big part of the Patriots future. But I also have to give props to Dillon who always puts up decent numbers. Lets see at the end of the season who comes out on top out of the two.


2 Responses to Maroney Vs Dillon

  1. Maroney has played well on the season, but Sunday was not one of those times that he has played well. I will say that I am suprised about his success this season as I figured he was doomed to another ‘Big 10 Runningback’ letdown.

    What the Patriots should do though with their Running Game is similar to what the Jets actually do. Early in the game have them split the carries roughtly 50/50 until it is clear which Runningback is playing better (ex: Dillon in the last game vs. Jets) and then stick with him and ride the hot hand. Should he begin to struggle or get tired though, you can always switch back to the other Runningback though.

  2. Michael says:

    Good point in your last paragraph.

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