What do you say after a game like that? Nothing except for the analysis.

Patriots Offense
Corey Dillon did a great job running the ball, had a nice 50 yard gain, which would have been a touchdown 3 years ago. Laurence Maroney didn’t do much on the ground. Reche Caldwell led the WR’s with 9 catches for 90 yards and a touchdown, Reche made a very athletic play on his touchdown grab catching a Brady pass that was blocked by a DT he came back to the ball and avoided two tackles and dove into the endzone. Gabriel had his worst game as a Patriot, making a nice play on a quick screen he then fumbled it after running 10 yards. Jabar Gaffney had a nice game, catching a big pass which led to a TD. Chad Jackson had two meaningless catches. Tom did good, when he wasn’t getting pressured.

The offensive line was awful, Brady got hurried all day and had no time to throw the ball. This team is really missing Stephen Neal.

Patriots Defense
No pass rush all day, which shows why we need Ty Warren in there. Richard Seymour was out most the game. Hobbs had a decent game, knocking down a lot of balls but he did let up a touchdown to Jets WR Jerricho Cotchery. Pretty uneventful, Pennington simply shreaded this defense with short passes.


4 Responses to Ugly.

  1. SMD says:

    They were outcoached, McDaniels was slow to adjust , and tried too many long balls (again). One of Brady’s comments was about how they scored one time in 30 seconds and how he loved that. Sorry Tom, that mentality is how you lose games, not win them.

    The Jets stuck to the run, and stuck to the short safe passing attack. It helped them eat up the clock (one 9 minute drive in the 2nd qtr), and was reminiscent of how the Patriots used to kill teams off.

    The past two weeks, Brady looked like Manning and Pennington of old, throwing deep, throwing ill advised passes into coverage, unable to avoid the pass rush… and they in return, looked like the Brady of old.

    Also in the past two weeks, the Defense has looked a bit ragged at times too, especially the play of the CBs. But the playcalling on Offense, and the play of Brady has been the primary reason for both losses.

  2. Michael says:

    “The past two weeks, Brady looked like Manning and Pennington of old, throwing deep, throwing ill advised passes into coverage, unable to avoid the pass rush… and they in return, looked like the Brady of old.” I totally agree.

  3. Hey, I’m a Jets Fan, but me and ‘Michael’ go back so I figured id stop by and give my take on the game.

    Jets Offense vs. Patriots Defense

    – What stood out to me about this game is that the Jets played to the Patriots strengths, the Patriots are the better team on paper at both Running the Football and Stopping the Run, but the Jets chose to follow that strategy regardless and it paid off. The Jets played to the weather conditions and ran the ball with our ‘Straight Line Runner’ in Kevan Barlow. With those weather conditions, it made it hard to bring him down and he rewarded the Jets with a very consistant 75 yds or so on 17 carries.

    – Pennington brought a heavy dosage of Short Passes (As he normally does) with the occasional venture of 20-30 yards just to keep the defense honest. But, He didn’t play particularly well as he threw quite a few passes that were inches away from being intercepted, but this time he didn’t get caught playing with fire.

    – The Patriots Pass Rush was non-existant. Credit that to the injuries to Seymour and Warren if you want, but I dont think it would have made a difference if they were healthy personally as the left side of the Jets offensive line (Ferguson, Kendall, Mangold) has been playing absolutely great as of late, and it has taken a miracle to get pressure on Chad Pennington at times this season, yesterday being one of those times.

    – The Patriots Secondary is better then I had anticipated, as for the most part, Laveranues Coles was shut down, and until Jerricho Cotchery had that big catch at the end of the game, the most he had was a couple of timely first downs. I expected us to be able to pick on your secondary more then we did, but they played well.

    Patriots Offense vs Jets Defense.

    – Wow. That was the first game this season I saw a consistant pass rush from the Jets. I do think that the injury to Stephen Neal (…and to Yates as well) helped contribute to the Jets Pass Rush, but I am hoping it was mainly due to a hard week of practice during the Jets bye week that helped to contribute to Dewayne Robertson’s sudden great game and the rest of our Front 7’s drastic improvement.

    – Against a consistant Pass Rush, Tom Brady proves that he is human, after all. My belief is that he is trying to do too much himself now that Deion Branch and David Givens are no longer there to hold his hand. That might account for the high percentage of longer passes that you pointed out. Either way, somebody needs to get Tom Brady and his Wide Recievers in the practice to create some kind of Chemistry, because it is going to kill you guys in the end.

    – The Running game baffled me, anybody who watched the game should have realized that Corey Dillon was the much more effective runningback then Laurence Maroney (Probably because the weather conditions benefitted Dillon’s physical style more). Either Belicheck (or McDaniels) has to realize this and give Corey Dillon the majority of the carries later in the game.


    – It was a well fought game, and both sides played their hearts out, but the big difference in my mind was that Eric Mangini coached a near-flawless game and that that ended up being the difference. It’s not a knock at Belicheck at all, as all head coaches have an off-game, just like all players do, but on this day, Mangini was the better head coach.

    – I also want to say that Belicheck has let this entire ‘Belicheck vs. Mangini’ saga get too personal, and that that might have contributed to the Patriots loss, as Laveranues Coles stated after the game that they felt like that Eric Mangini was being disrespected by Belicheck and it made them play harder. Just some food for thought.

  4. Michael says:

    I just can’t talk about it, just one word “horrible”

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