Colts Stay Undefeated

Well that was not the outcome I was suspecting and hoping for. Nothing more to say other then we were outplayed and out coached. Manning proved once again why we is the top quarterback in the league, completing 20 out of his 36 attempts with a total of 326 yards an two touchdowns, an one interception. Brady didn’t show me much this game, his completion ratio was the about the same as Manning, but 125 yards less. Brady also added four surprising interceptions of his own, but one I have to say was not his fought. It was a hard fought game but the Colts still came up with the 27-20 win.

One of the biggest disappointments was the running game. They totally shut us down with not one player rushing over 100 yards, an against the Colts that is sad, especially with our rushing core. Maroney was the leading rusher with 63 yards on 13 attempts an no touchdowns. Dillon also had 13 attempts but only ran for 48 yards but added two touchdowns.


2 Responses to Colts Stay Undefeated


    I thought Maroney and Dillon ran well. Maroney was nearly five yards/ pop, and Dillon four. I think if we were in the lead, both rushers might have had a chance, especially if we got to Clock Killin’ with Corey Dillon. But of course, this didn’t happen. I agree about Brady, I’d say only two were on his part (the first, and maybe the 2nd). Kevin Faulk screwed up the game for us when he dropped that pass on the final drive. I like to say he “Faulk” – ed it up lol

  2. Michael says:

    hahahaha, agreed.

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