Manning And Brady Showdown

Who is better, Manning or Brady? The question that has been highly debated on sports shows since the two have been labeled the best quarterbacks in the league. This Sunday nights showdown Colts Vs Patriots, we will be able to see head to head who is the best in the NFL. This will make the 6th meeting between the two teams since 2003, including the Patriots knocking the Colts out of the plays in the 2003-2004 season.

Last years meeting between the two teams certainly was not a pretty one. Peyton got his first win ever win in Foxboro in a whooping, wear we lost 40-21. Brady, who had a good game against the Colts defense throwing 265 yards in the air and three touchdowns. But Manning dominated that game with a better passing percentage, and 54 more yards in the air, and also adding 3 touchdowns of his own.

But the question is will Sundays game in Foxboro be any different then last seasons? Our receiving core is much worse then last year, with Branch being a second leading receiver in that game. And on top of it the Colts improved their defense some over this past off-season. It’s Going to be a tough game without a down, we have to establish a running game early, the defense have to shut down the Colts receivers an put a load of pressure on Manning. It should be a fun game to watch, and I truly believe that we can stop the Colts winning streak this week.

One Response to Manning And Brady Showdown

  1. Michael says:

    Manning is still the best.

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