Injury Report – Pats/Colts

Richard Seymour, DL, Questionable (Elbow)
Ty Warren, DL, Questionable (Shoulder)
Don Davis, LB, Questionable (Lower Leg)
Eugene Wilson, S, Questionable (Hamstring)
Ellis Hobbs, CB, Questionable (Wrist)
Willie Andrews, CB, Questionable (Thigh)
Antwain Spann, CB, Questionable (Shoulder)
Stephen Neal, G, Questionable (Shoulder)
Russ Hochstein, G, Questionable (Knee)
Nick Kaczur, T, Questionable (Shoulder)
Matt Light, T, Questionable (Hand)
Kevin Faulk, RB, Questionable (Ankle)
Laurence Maroney, RB, Questionable (Thigh)
Reche Caldwell, WR, Questionable (Knee)
Jabar Gaffney, WR, Questionable (Hand)
Chad Jackson, WR, Questionable (Hamstring)
Daniel Graham, TE, Questionable (Ankle)
Garrett Mills, TE, Questionable (Thigh)
David Thomas, TE, Questionable (Hand)
Tom Brady, QB, Probable (Right Shoulder)
Matt Cassell, QB, Probable (Right Shoulder)

Montae Reagor, DT, Out (Head)
Joseph Addai, RB, Questionable (Wrist)
Gary Brackett, LB, Questionable (Knee)
Ryan Diem, T, Questionable (Upper Arm)
Dwight Freeney, DE , Questionable (Shoulder)
Matt Giordano, CB, Questionable (Calf)
Nicholas Harper, CB, Questionable (Knee)
Aaron Moorehead, WR, Questionable (Back)
Rob Morris, LB, Questionable (Hamstring)
Keith O’Neil, LB, Questionable (Ankle)
Darrell Reid, DT, Questionable (Abdomen)
Dominic Rhodes, RB, Questionable (Lower Back)
Bob Sanders, S, Questionable (Kne)
Hunter Smith, P, Questionable (Right Groin)
Brandon Stokley, WR, Questionable (Knee)
Ben Utecht, TE, Questionable (Lower Back)
Adam Vinatieri, K, Questionable (Right Groin)
Terrence Wilkins, WR, Questionable (Knee)

Both teams seem to be playing mind games, Cassel on the injury list? Funny.


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