Pats 31 Viks 7 – Wow!

The Patriots passed their way to a 6-1 record last night by beating the Minnesota Vikings 31 to 7. The lone Vikings score came on a punt return touchdown by RB Mewelde Moore. Proving again that the Pats defense is very underrated and is one of the best in the league. LB Mike Vrabel, CB Chad Scott, and S Rodney Harrison all had INTs off of Brad Johnson which led him to be benched in favor of former Jets QB Brooks Bolinger.

However on offense was the real story for the Pats. Brady and the boys did something that nobody in the league thought. They passed. And passed a lot, Brady threw the rock 38 times often hitting Reche Caldwell (career high, 7 catches). Brady then spread the ball to every WR he had on the roster; Troy Brown, Chad Jackson, Doug Gabriel, Jabar Gaffney, and TE’s Ben Watson and rookie David Thomas. Brady connected with Caldwell, Brown, Watson, and Jackson for touchdowns. Impressive, I know. Another impressive feat is that Patriots wideout Troy Brown is 1 catch away from being the Pats all-time leader in receptions. I’m sure he’ll get that record next week.

Rookie WR Chad Jackson now has 3 touchdowns with only 6 catches. Can someone say playmaker. Now that the Pats offense looks in sync they’ll need another great performance like this next Sunday night against the Colts.


2 Responses to Pats 31 Viks 7 – Wow!

  1. PatriotGuard says:

    Article mentioning Vikings fan who threw a beer bottle at the Patriots after a touchdown:

    Fan’s name is Brad Reiland, you can call him at 612-366-1818. I’m sure he’d like to hear from his Patriot Nation counterparts.

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