Draft profile – Garrett Wolfe

Name – Garrett WolfePosition – RB

Height – 5-7

Weight – 177

College – Northern Illinois

Age – 22

Potential – B – (Affected by his size)

Positives – Wolfe has great speed, he plays a lot faster then his 40 (4.45) and will make a lot of defenders miss in the open field. Good hands out of the backfield. Runs right through the hole, no dancing. Can carry the load, even though he’s small he can carry the rock, but that’s in college in the NFL it’ll be different. Against Ohio State Wolfe rushed for 171 yards on 26 carries. Wolfe has great cutting ability. If Wolfe was 5-11 200 pounds he’d be the best RB in this class, but he’s not.

Negatives – Not good size, only 5-7 177, not a good blocker which points back to his size. Against Western Michigan, Iowa, and Temple he only had 136 yards total. That could be a big concern for NFL teams. At best he will be a 3rd down back, he’ll probably follow former N.I star Michael Turner’s foot steps.

Rating – 4.9

Projected draft position – 3rd – 4th round (Could sky rocket like Maurice Jones – Drew)


7 Responses to Draft profile – Garrett Wolfe

  1. BK says:

    Bottom line: Great back but hard to judge how he will transition to NFL since he does not play in a top notch conference. Piled up lots of yards against weak opponents. Against Big Ten opponent Iowa last week, the big uglies shut him down to the tune of 22 carries for 66 yards, most of those yards coming in the 2nd half. This guy will be a late round draft choice, 5th or 6th. Don’t get too excited about him.

    He’s no Laurence Maroney who played against the likes of Michigan, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin and Ohio State. Northern Illinois was once a Division 2, punching bag, cream puff opponent for some of the Big Ten teams (primarily Iowa and Wisconsin) to beat up on pre-Big Ten season.

    Northern Illinois has come a long way in just a few years and are becoming more pesky, contending for top 25 rankings and bowl games. This means the Big Ten opponents will drop them as they are becoming too much of a challenge. We should start seeing more pro prospects coming out of NIU in the coming years.

  2. greg says:

    Eh, he’s more of a round 2, early 3 pick. I agree, he’s underrated and his stock should skyrocket once everyone sees how good he is/

  3. Michael says:

    Doubt he goes lower then mid 3rd

  4. zman says:

    What you guys forget is that he had 285 all purpose yards against Ohio State.
    I think that says something for stepping up against a big time team.

  5. bears fan says:

    Garrett Wolfe will be a Bear. Mark my words. BEARS

  6. Dan Pa says:

    Garrett Wolfe is an amazing running back. He is disciplined in his work ethic and he never takes a starting job or even ONE DOWN for granted because he is constantly doubted because of his size. And the thing is is that draft experts and NFL teams are doubting him once again because of his size. That will just inspire Garrett to be a contributor to an NFL team in the future. Although he did not play all the time against ACC, Big Ten calibur teams, he did rack up 100+ yard games against Ohio State and Michigan, and don’t forget that unlike those teams, he was not running behind a BIG TEN or ACC offensive line. He ran against MAC opponents with a MAC offensive line.

    5th Round to Chicago..GO BEARS!!!!

  7. Lisa says:

    I’m truly impressed with this man,I’m glad we got him.

    Go Bears!!

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