View Now- Forum and Chat Room

Don’t forget to view the forum, it was currently unavailable but it just recently opened back up. This is just a simple reminder to register in the forum and start posting to make this an even better online Patriots Fan community. Also, the chat room is back open so if anybody wants to go into the chat room or during games you can now once again doing so. But if you do think you will attend the chat room on game days please email me or leave a reply in the feedback page saying you are attending, so I can get it hosted for game day for better quality chat room. But the chat roomwill always be open to the public. Remember to keep commenting, join the forum and hope to see you in the chat room.


One Response to View Now- Forum and Chat Room

  1. Die Hard Pats Fan! says:

    Tom please get your mind on the game and forget that “Gold Digging Brazilian Scank” for 2 minutes! You just got lucky against the Crappy Bills! Get your head out her Ass now!

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