Draft profile – Brady Quinn

Name – Brady Quinn

Position – QB Height – 6-4

Weight – 227

College – Notre Dame

Age – 22

Potential – A+

Positives – Ever since former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis took over at Notre Dame, QB Brady Quinn has been simply magnificent. Quinn shows great leadership on the field, and as pinpoint awareness. Strong arm, will keep defenses honest, and is pretty accurate. Quinn also possesses a very short memory, you rarely see him make two bad plays back to back. One play if he throws an INT, the next he’ll go deep to one of his two big play WR’s, Shark and McNight.

Negatives – Not very mobile, struggles to make plays on the run when his WR’s aren’t open. Has a lot of weapons, and it makes his job a lot easier. Doesn’t carry out his fakes which defenses will key on. Some QB’s don’t have much weaknesses, and he’s one of them.

Rating – 8; Complete player and will be a franchise QB in the NFL.

Projected round – 1st


7 Responses to Draft profile – Brady Quinn

  1. […] Can someone say heisman trophy? The pressure Brady Quinn endured was relentless by the UCLA defense; still he  stepped up in the clutch and delivered; completing 3 passes for 53 yards in the final 62 seconds. The drive ended on a 45 winning TD to Samardzija, to slam home the come-from-behind-victory and to possibly save a chance at the National Title. […]

  2. BK says:

    A+????? No way! If Brady Quinn played in the Big Ten or just about any big time conference for that matter he would not put up the numbers he has this year. Your Weis-Bilicek–Genius-Patriot Magic logic is, well, just simply illogical, captain

    Except for Michigan and USC, Notre Dame has a very easy schedule every year, playing against, Navy, Army and Air Farce every year. Not to mention Purdue and Michigan State, which are usually not the top teams in the Big Ten. Why don’t they schedule Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State and/or Ohio State instead of Purdue and Michigan State?

    How about dropping the academy schools and picking up teams like Northern Illinois and Miami (OH). Those are worthy opponents ND should beat every year, but much less of a guarantee than the academies.

  3. Chelsea says:

    brady is going to be the next heisman trophy winner!!!!

  4. Matt says:

    BK, A + potential, not rating. Meaning he can be very good.

  5. Hagan963 says:

    he did play penn st this year and he put up 40 points u moron.

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