Patriots beat up on Bills

New England Patriots 28
Buffalo Bills 6

The Patriots started off the game passing the ball like they did in those superbowl years, Brady’s favorite target on the drive was WR Reche Caldwell who got three short pass. RB Corey Dillon then punched the 6:37 drive in from 8 yards.

After a great 74 yard kickoff return by Laurence Maroney, the Pats then got virtually nothing on the next 3 plays and it looked like Stephen Gostkowski would be called upon to give the Pats 3, however there was a unnecessary roughness call which advanced the ball 15 yards and then like the first drive, the Rock scored, however this one was from 12 yards out.

The second quarter was uneventful, the Pats only had 8 totals offensive yards, while the Bills dominated. How many points did the Bills get? Just 3, give credit to the defense for forcing J.P Losman to throw it to CB Asante Samuel.

14-3 Halftime

With 2:49 to go in the 3rd, Patriots QB Tom Brady threw a perfect ball to WR Chad Jackson for a 35 yard touchdown. Jackson ran a crisp post corner route and made a nice catch. Jackson’s not a bad dancer either. One more score (Brady to Gabriel) capped off the scoring for the Pats. Brady rolled out and threw a dangerous pass in the middle of the endzone to Gabriel, who came back and caught it.

Meanwhile, the Bills only scored on two field goals (40 and 46 yards). J.P Losman looked lost, and had a subpar game.

Player of the Game
Tom Brady
– 18/27 … 195 yards … 2 touchdowns
Brady got hit a ton in this game, but he stood strong and kept the defense honest with the improved passing game.

Mess of the Game
Matt Light
– 2 sacks allowed
Light was the big reason Brady was getting pounded on all day, Schobel defiantly gave him a lesson. However, we should have expected this, Schobel has Light’s number. Light owes Brady a good dinner.

Surprise player
Chad Jackson
– 1 catch … 35 yards … 1 touchdown
1 rush … 14 yards … First down
Jackson did contribute a lot in today’s game, he played a lot and while he did catch a T.D, I was more impressed with his blocking on the outside. Good to see Jackson in the swing of things.

Who’s Next?
Minnesota Vikings


One Response to Patriots beat up on Bills

  1. Greg says:

    Nice game review. I actually thought JP looked pretty good for the Bills (though obviously not good enough, hehehe) Jackson and Maroney had good games like you said. I was surprised we didn’t pull Brady with our three score lead in the fourth, he was getting hammered out there.

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