Bills Vs Patriots


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 I found this very good preview from patsblog and I thought I would post it for this weeks game thread, hope he doesn’t mind…

Well, this should be the easiest win of the season for the Patriots.  The Buffalo Bills are definately not the worst team on our schedule, but they have absolutely no momentum (lost to the winless Lions), while we have a 2-game winning streak.  The Patriots have to get the running game going, and force it if we have to.  Unlike last week, we should give the ball to the runningback giving us more bang for a buck, unless we develop and three score lead where we should then revert to Maroney to keep Dillon fresh.  We need to watch out for Willis McGahee who is having a good season for the Bills, and we have to keep J.P. Losman in the pocket because he is developing into a major threat when he moves outside of it.  Of all NFL franchises, we have beaten the Bills the most, and I see no reason why we shouldn’t extend that lead.

Keys To Victory – Patriots

1. Apply pass rush, while at the same time keeping JP Losman in the pocket

2. Take the load off of Brady’s shoulders, get the running game going no matter what

3.  Stick to the Bill’s 4 top receivers: Lee Evans, Josh Reed, Roscoe Parish, Peerless Price

4. Look deep to Gabriel and Jackson, they’re ready to make some big plays

5. Wrap and tackle defense, if our linebackers are arm-tackling, there’s no way we can stop a back as good as McGahee

Key Players – Patriots

 1. Clock Killin’ Corey Dillon

2. Laurence Maroney

3. Richard Seymour

4. Ryan O’Callaghan

5. Troy Brown — 6 catches to go

Players To Watch – Buffalo Bills

1. JP Losman

2. Willis McGahee

3. London Fletcher

4. Roscoe Parish

5. Lee Evans


Tribute to Troy — Troy Brown now stands only 6 catches away from breaking Stanley Morgans all-time Patriots record for carreer receptions

Mr. Reliable (On Defense) — Believe it or not, Ty Warren has never missed a game in his 61 game carreer, since being drafted in the first round of the 2003 draft.  This includes 41 straight starts.

Not as Precise — Tom Brady is completing a carreer low 54% of his passes this year, however, he has a carreer best TD:INT ratio at 8:3

Dillon Maroney — Ha, like a first and last name, it works.  Maroney is on pace for over 1000 yards while Corey only needs six more yards a game to make the cut.


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