No dice

As expected the Pats didn’t trade for Randy Moss. I thought this could be the move that put this team over the rest of the NFL teams and that it would have locked up a superbowl shot.

Oh well. Let’s move on.

 Now we have, Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel, Jabar Gaffney, Troy Brown, and Chad Jackson. Gaffney has looked solid thus far and could really help out this weak WR corp. On the other hand, rookie WR Chad Jackson has struggled and will need a good 2nd half of the season if this team wants to go to Miami.

Reche Caldwell is most likely at his max right now, don’t expect him to do any better than he is right now. He’ll go out and give you 2-3 catches every game. So lets deal with that. 

Doug Gabriel on the other hand, has all the tools to be a big time playmaker in this offense. He’s already shown that he can be Brady’s number one target, the key is for more routes and plays to go his way. 

It should be fun, if our passing game can be half decent we’ll be a very dangerous team in the playoffs.


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