Moss to the Patriots?


I am kind of new as far as writing blogs for Patriots Fan Blog, but I could not help but post this rumor.  According to some sources Randy Moss wants out of Oakland and the Patriots could very well be interested.  It will probably be hard to come to a right price for the star wide out, but New England does have two first rounders for next years draft making them a very likely destination.

Newly acquired receiver Doug Gabriel has already expressed he is all for a move to get Moss: “He’d be a perfect fit in this offense,” said former Raiders teammate Doug Gabriel. “He loves to work. If Randy were here, every other receiver would want to pick up their games 110 percent. It wouldn’t just be a small push. It would be a big push.”

As of right now the deal is obviously unlikely, but there is still hope as the trading deadline nears.  In my opinion Moss could take the Corey Dillon route, come here, play hard, and win a championship.  I have always been a huge Randy Moss fan and could not imagine how good this offense would be with him, Brady, Dillon, Maroney, Gabriel, Jackson, etc.


6 Responses to Moss to the Patriots?

  1. wildflower38 says:

    I think the Patriots are too good a team to want to deal lwith all of Randy “short arms” Moss’ issues. Maybe Miami would be willing to take him on so that he’s reunioned with Culpepper….

  2. Ricky says:

    I agree wildflower, and the Pats must have thought that too because they didn’t make a deal. Nice write up T.J

  3. little late for this rumor, how bout before the trade deadline passes lol

  4. Michael says:

    This was posted before the deadline.

  5. tjlamro says:

    Yeah this was posted like two hours before the deadline

  6. sorry w/e… i got these really wrong rumors from, so everyone was getting like really hyped up about it cuz some guy lied and said the deal happenned and he knew from the inside source (kind of obvious it was phony, woulnd’t specify the source) keep up the good work

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