A Perfect 10?

Well, maybe not so much.

However newly acquired wideout Jabar Gaffney could have a good impact on this Patriots team. Thus far the Pats WR’s (Brown, Gabriel, Caldwell and Jackson) have only accounted for 41 catches in 5 games. Not good. That’s not the worst of it either, Caldwell and Gabriel for the most part are having a hard time getting off the line and adjusting their routes on blitzes from the defense, this forces Brady to hold on to the ball longer and make poorer decisions.

Gaffney, will look to study hard during this time off trying to learn this complicated Patriots offense. Maybe rookie disappointment Chad Jackson can join him, Jackson has struggled so far trying to learn the offense and it shows, with only 4 catches (2 drops).

The Pats are hoping that Reche Caldwell and Gaffney can do what they both did at Florida, which led them both to being drafted in round 2 of the 2002 draft. Caldwell landed in San Diego in which he was quickly labeled a bust. Gaffney on the other hand went to the Houston Texans, where he raked up 171 catches and 2009 yards in four year.

So what was wrong with Gaffney? One word – Injuries. Those Florida WR’s and their injuries.

Gaffney wasn’t healthy that much with Houston and it caused him to miss 14 games in his career. Caldwell, another Florida WR, followed the trend only playing in 15 games in the 2003 and 2004 season. And now, Chad Jackson, a hamstring injury has kept him out of training camp and that caused him to be a couple of steps behind right now.

On the bright side if Gaffney does stay healthy he could put up big numbers. (Below) Are his stats with the Texans, and his stats if he played in 16 games.

2002 – 41 rec / 483 yds / 11.8 avg / 1 td (14 games played)
2002 – 46 rec / 552 yds (If he played 16 games)
2003 – 34 rec / 402 yrs / 11.8 avg / 2 td (11 games played)
2003 – 48 rec / 584 yds (If he played 16 games)
2004 – 41 rec / 632 yds / 15.4 avg / 2 td (12 games played)
2004 – 54 rec / 832 yds (If he played 16 games)
2005 – 55 rec / 492 yds / 8.9 avg / 2 td (13 games played)
2005 – 67 rec / 592 yrs (If he played 16 games)

Not bad, uh? He could be a good catch, or maybe a perfect 10


One Response to A Perfect 10?

  1. I think Chad Jackson has been a disappointment but not through the way he’s played. He hasn’t really had many oppurtunities and he’s only seen playing time in a few games. After one of his drops he scored a TD the next play, and the other… well no excuse. The perfect 10 thing, haha, corny but good lol

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